Tuesday, January 22, 2008

so this is what its come to

Today California forced me to do something I didn't want to do. Something I didn't think I would ever do. Something that makes me hang my head in shame. Today, I bought a pair of Uggs because it is ungodly cold here. And rainy! And running around in peep toes heels in the cold rain sucks. S-U-C-K-S!

I know, I know, they are ugly. [insert Uggly joke here] But I'm cold and they're WARM. And being warm makes my toes happy. And having happy toes makes me a tiny bit less cranky and me being less cranky is always good for jparks.

In my defense I didn't buy the traditional Ugg boots, I bought what I like to call Ass Kickin' Ugg Boots. I also got them on sale because I couldn't stand to spend that much money on Uggs, even the Ass Kickin' kind.

And now that I own Uggs, I want to make a few promises to you, just so you can rest assured that I haven't lost my freaking mind.

  • Promise 1: I will not tuck my jeans or pants into them

  • Promise 2: I will not buy another pair no matter how comfortable these end up being

  • Promise 3: I will not wear them when it's 80 degrees out


    1. What they need to make are steel-toed Uggs. Or just get Dr Martens to make something in the whole "inverted sheep" line.

    2. After I bought these I thought about returning them as I have black docs that are about the same height. But the lining! So warm! And I'm weak! Damn you, doc martins for not making boots that are lined. It's all your fault!

    3. Those are definitely 100% beyond acceptable boots! I'm glad to know Uggs makes something that isn't hideous, and even more glad to know you found and bought that item!!

      And I tuck my jeans into my boots. :( It looks silly if I don't because they are slouch boots and they make my pants look funny.

    4. Really you think it's that cold? Hmmm....
      Anyhow those Uggs are perfectly acceptable, it's the scrunchy ones that are fuzzy or knittedt hat are not, and if you never tuck your jeans into them, it's all cool. However I will hold you to that. Also never wear them with track pants, also a lame thing.

      That all being said I saw some baby uggs and nearly bought them.

    5. I like the Ass Kickin' variety, and wish it was cold enough in SoCal to justify the purchase. Actually, today it almost is!

    6. Those aren't even identifiable as Uggs. No worries!

    7. Hahahahahahahaa! Hilarious. I feel the same way about Uggs -- quite repulsed by them, but I'm glad they're serving you well.