Monday, February 11, 2008

I assure you I'm not

jparks: "Did you only bring jeans with you? I thought you were packing capris."

me: "Yeah, I meant to and then I forgot."

hours later

me: "Do you have the iPod wires in your suitcase?"

jparks: "no"

me: "dang I forgot those too."

hours later

me: "you know, I think I forgot my face stuff at home."

jparks: "You sure forgot a lot of stuff this trip."

me: "I know! Well, your memory is supposed to get bad when you get pregnant."

jparks: "You're not pregnant, just forgetful."

me: "Sure, that's it, forgetful."

hours later

jparks (obviously nervous and twitchy): "Are you really pregnant? I mean, it's great if you are, but are you?!?"

me: "I'm not but I love watching you squirm!"

Yeah, it might be mean but it really is fun to watch jparks, the man that doesn't get nervous about much, get nervous about me possibly being pregnant. And I love that he mulled it over in his head for hours before asking.


  1. You know he was thinking "If she IS pregnant, how will I know it's hers?"

  2. Not to take pleasure in another's misery (jparks) but this really put a huge smile on my face. XD