Friday, February 29, 2008

things one could do if they didn't have to work

  • Start every day with a different alcohol in their coffee. Monday: Bailey's Tuesday: Kahlua Wednesday: Frangelico Thursday: Whiskey Friday: Grand Marnier

  • Watch episodes of Night Court, Wings, and Cheers on TvLand.

  • Then flip over to Lifetime for the Golden Girls.

  • Do every work out dvd Netflix has to offer.

  • Organize their shoes.

  • Learn to make the best cupcakes you've ever tasted

  • Have time to write interesting blog content.

  • Any other suggestions?


    1. Things I've wanted to do for several months.
      - Alphabetize my cd's.
      - Categorize my books
      - Work out
      - Go camping
      - Learn Spanish
      - Watch Lost Season 3
      - Learn to draw
      - Play guitar
      - Back up my hard drive.

    2. You forgot the most important one: SLEEP.

    3. spluto is absolutely right. I want more sleep! Unfortunately, the stupid dogs wake me at 6:30 a.m. every day... including weekends. So, does anyone want two very cute yet annoying dogs?

    4. Hmm... I would probably work on baking french bread. Somehow my bread doesn't ever turn out better than okay....

      And I'd sleep in, everyday. Drink bloody mary's. Lunch at fabulous restaurants. Use lunch as a verb, because this no working dream includes lots 'o big bucks, right? Right?

    5. heh, I wish the not working dream included winning the lottery. Sigh, someday lottery winnings, someday YOU WILL BE MINE.

    6. Hmm funny thing is that I used to fantasize about not working, and then I married a man, and stopped working, 'cause isn't that women folk do? And after the inital YAY NO WORK wore off I was bored bored bored.
      So I did what I thought was the right thing. Get knocked up. Heh heh. Worked out really well for me!