Sunday, February 17, 2008

while we are on a suggestion tangent

Thank you so much for the email and comment suggestions about photoshop. Perhaps soon I shall grow some balls and give them a shot.

And since I see that everyone is feeling helpful and willing to offer up such great advice I have another question for you. I need recipes. (okay, so that's not a question. my bad.)

I want to cook more at home, but the recipes that I have on file are all very time intensive and require fancy, hard to keep on hand ingredients. I don't mind using gourmet recipes on weekends, but on a daily basis I would love to have a stockpile of simple, tasty recipes.

So, (here comes the question!) do you have any recipes that I can have? I don't care if it's for a side dish, a main dish, something that has to be baked, crock potted, stir fried, or microwaved, I really want the recipe. Cookbook suggestions are also welcome.

Did I mention how pretty and/or handsome you all are? I mean really, you must have started doing yoga or something because you are smoking hot.


  1. I suggest beef burgundy. It's pretty easy and the most delicious thing on the planet besides a good crawfish boil. As for cookbooks, I like anything by Julia Child. A very good cookbook with realistic and inexpensive ingredients is the America's Test Kitchen cookbook.

    The beef burgundy I made was quite different from the Escoffier version. I don't have a casserole or flat dutch oven, so I did most of my simmering in a slow cooker before going to bed. It's one of those dishes that you can make and throw in the freezer.

    Other easy dishes are pasta with pre-made marinara or olive-oil, stir fry, pork chops, burgers, pan fried fish, baked wings, and chicken salad.

  2. hasn't Girl Scout Camp taught you anything??? I mean pot meals and fruit pizza!!! What else do you need? I'll email you some recipes when I get them together.


  4. I like Rachel Ray's 30 minute stuff.... although it always takes me more than 30 minutes. I think she has little elves that help her, hmm or perhaps a production staff.

  5. Chili and beef stew are both pretty easy and yummy this time of year. But the stew can take awhile to cook after work, so if you need to eat right away, you should either make it the night before or buy a pressure cooker. I bought a pressure cooker a few months ago and I love it, actually. It makes it possible to cook a stew after work and eat it then, too.

    Unfortunately, I don't have an actual recipe I can give you, per se. I started making stews based on the beef bourguignonne recipe from The Joy of Cooking and then tried to get it to be sort of like my Mom's from growing up. As for chili, I just throw a bunch of stuff together. Hmm, I can try writing these up sometime if you like. =)

    Oops, gotta go, so I'll try to come up with some other stuff that you can pick and choose from.

  6. Alicia and I are thinking of trying out the casserole approach...spend a couple hours on a Sunday making a couple of lasagnas and/or Taco Casserole and having them in the freezer. This helps us a bit with economies of scale (otherwise we throw away half of what we can't buy in proper portions) and turbo-dinners on weeknights (just nuke a piece of lasagna with some rolls and some broccoli). We'll letcha know if it works.

  7. My favorite recipe site is
    Lots and lots of good recipes.

    One of my favorites is for blackened chicken:

    It's kind of my fall back recipe. Usually I serve it with rice-a-roni (broccoli augratin with a handful or two of frozen brocolli florets thrown in) and a fruit. (Often canned mandarin oranges).

    "Alice Chicken" is another favorite. I just leave the mushrooms off the kids servings:

    If you like seafood, this tilapia recipe is good:
    Since it does have butter and mayo in it I serve it with lighter sides, like garlicy broccoli and a fruit.

  8. Melissa "Blondie" CefaluFebruary 20, 2008 at 1:25 PM

    Hey! I've recently been looking into cooking more myself - I can cook anything over a fire - get em in a kitchen and AAHH - I need a recipe!

    Taco Soup: Brown 1lb ground meat/turkey/ with onion, throw into crock pot with 1 package of taco seasoning, ranch dressing mix and any combination of the following: 1 can of kidney beans(light and dark), pinto beans, black beans, rotel, corn, tomato paste, stewed tomatoes... How much you want to make depends on how many can you dump in there! Let it simmer on low all day or just 4ish hours and it's great with sour cream, shredded cheese and tostitos! We love it - leftovers freeze well.