Tuesday, March 4, 2008

oh christmas tree

Today I noticed that one of our neighbors just put their Christmas tree out for garbage pick up. Why have I not met these neighbors yet?!? People that keep their Christmas tree up until MARCH are my kind of people.

Also, today I registered to register for the Nike Women's Marathon. Because I am dumb. And hate myself. Part of me really hopes I get picked to register. And part of me really likes watching tv on the couch while eating peanut butter and honey on crackers. I guess destiny will l decide what road I'm running down. (Get it, running down? I am so funny)

Last week jparks and I booked a trip to Ireland for September. We booked with a tour group because we are 90 years old. No, really we booked with a tour group because I hate vacation planning and jparks is too busy with work to properly research an international trip. And the tour group we booked with is um, well, god we are dorks, the trip is booked through Adventures by Disney. Like I said, we don't want to plan a vacation so tour group it was. And tour groups can be hit or miss but Disney's Disney, they've got to keep up their reputation, so their trip has to be good. Right? RIGHT? And the dates that we picked are adults only, so hopefully it'll be full of other couples around our age and not groups of grandparents. And look at all the places we'll get to go. Yay for vacation!

If you guys don't stop laughing at us for booking through Disney I'll go make new friends. New friends with Christmas trees still up.


  1. Wow Disney really does it all don't they.

  2. For some reason, I really want to go to some country in Asia, such as Thailand, but I'm too afraid to plan the trip myself and rely on me and my Old Man to get along in the foreign country and know what we're doing. I have no problem planning a trip in a country where the character set is the same as mine, even if the language is not. But for some reason, going to an Asian country on my own plans scares me. That's all to say I'm thinking of possibly doing a tour for that kind of trip, too. But man, they are expensive. And even though we have money saved up, I'm kind of reluctant to part with it because... because, well, YOU NEVER KNOW. Sigh. Anyway, I should just do it, I know. But we'll see if the Old Man gets a different job that pays more. That'd be swell.

  3. Hmmm Adam parents go on trips like that all of the time. They aren't super old....
    hee hee... it looks like fun, I am jealous, I've always wanted to go to Ireland.

  4. dude Regan, you and Parks need to come over because Mathias and I STILL HAVE OUR CHRISTMAS TREE :)

  5. Dude, I must meet these people. Ours was up until mid February.

  6. You should have paid Linda to plan your trip. She's good at that stuff and needs some income. :-)