Friday, March 14, 2008

warning, this post is bad for your cholesterol

Serious Eats (a fun food blog. Go check it out, I'll wait. Hi, welcome back) has a running set of posts called Paula Deen Is Trying To Kill Us. Today they featured The Lady's Brunch Burger. I shit you not, when I saw this burger I freaked out. I started checking my list of online friends, desperate to share the link to the recipe because I felt God whispering in my ear "Spread the word about this burger." And who am I not to follow God's orders?

So what would have to go on a burger to make it so majestic that I'm dedicating a whole post to it? Two words: doughnut burger. Topped with a fried egg. And bacon. Have you fainted from the joy of knowing that such a burger exists on this earth?

Now let me state that this is not a burger I would want to eat on a regular basis. And that I would be fine leaving off the fried egg. But it is something that I really really want to try at least once. And it is something that jparks can live his whole life without eating. I know what you're thinking and the answer is yes, he is really a man and not a little girl.

His reaction to The Lady's Brunch Burger was one of total disgust. "You would eat that!?!" might have been uttered a couple of times when I confessed to salivating over it. His final judgment on the burger was "That's a white trash burger!" To which I say "Sign me up for a double wide trailer because I'm going to eat that burger someday!"

After much arguing back and forth I finally told him "I'm putting it to the blog council!" So what say you, blog council, is the doughnut burger disgusting or tasty looking? If I were going to host a Doughnut Burger Party, would you want to come? Are you on Team Doughnut or Team Girly Man?

And for the record, my ideal white trash burger would be doughnut, meat, cheese, bacon, doughnut in that order.


  1. I would probably eat it, although I would demand no fried egg on top The bacon cheeseburger in a Krispy Kreme is a known entity, though, and I would definitely consume it...then feel vaguely guilty and trashy afterwards and consider going vegan.

  2. Actual footage of one of Jason's coworkers creating a sandwich from an In 'n Out burger and Krispy Kreme Donuts.

  3. So what I'm learning now is that Paula Deen didn't come up with the idea of a doughnut burger, she just stepped it up with the fried egg.

    No matter who created it, I stand by the idea that this is the greatest culinary invention ever.

  4. Sign me up! Thought leave off the friend egg...and I might have to split one with someone. I guess that lands me somewhere in the middle of Team Doughnut and Team Girly Man?

  5. whitney, you could do like that youtube video and only use one doughnut for your burger. That might have eating it a it more manageable

  6. There is only one phrase that can elevate this sandwich to a whole 'nutha level: battered and fried.