Friday, March 7, 2008

who says blog posts have to be conherent?

Today I was feeling like sushi for lunch. I was also feeling short on time so I decided to run into Whole Foods and grab one of their premade sushi to go containers. But once inside the store, I was seduced by the siren call of pizza. Pizzzzzaaaaa Can't you hear it? Pizzzzzaaaaa It wasn't until I was back in the car that I realized "Dang! Pizza ain't sushi!" Oh well, better luck next time.

Yesterday I saw a license plate that said "SPK W ME" I think the guy that owns that car wants us to all spank with him. As in a big group masturbation-a-thon. I know, gross right?

Tonight jparks and I are supposed to go see College Road Trip. Because Disney owns us. And by booking the trip to Ireland we entered into a contractual agreement to see every Disney movie that comes out for the next five years. Also, jparks and I both think it looks funny. See, we aren't 90 years old, we're 12.


  1. Sure hope you can handle Raven Simone's ridiculous facial expressions better than I can...

  2. Whole Foods pizza is absolutely irresistible. And I am lactose intolerant.

  3. I loves me some Whole Foods portabello mushroom and goat cheese pizza. I sure wish they'd open a store in Jackson.