Thursday, April 17, 2008

Delta Phi Parks

I often make fun of jparks for acting like a 13 year old girl (He cried at the end of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. A couple of times a year he has a breakdown about his wardrobe and I have to buy him a bunch of new stuff otherwise the other cheerleaders will make fun of him) but the truth is that I haven't aged past 13 either.

I began to realize this when, after the hurricane, I was hunting for a desk. We went to all the typical furniture stores, but their desks were so executive and not at all what I wanted. I wanted something fun! young! hip! Something that didn't scream "I'm going to need you to come in on Sunday too" After much frustration I stumbled upon a Pottery Barn Teen catalog and found the perfect desk. It's bright green, totally functional, and, most important, cute. And with that desk I feel hopelessly in love with PBTeen.

I haven't ordered anything else from them but I do devote large chunks of time to drolling over things I would order if I could decorate my house like a dorm room. I seriously hope PBTeen is still around when my future kids are teenagers. I don't care what they want or what their style is, they will have rooms that look like the catalog threw up in them. I'm also assuming jparks and I will be winning a lottery between now and then because PBTeen ain't cheap.

The latest catalog arrived yesterday and here are the things I would order if jparks wouldn't mind living in a sorority house:

Brown Squirrel! Green Leaf!
Picture 5

Polka Dots! I doubt these sheets come in king size seeing as how teens don't usually have king sized beds. Well, maybe slutty teens have king sized beds.
Picture 6

This bedding set is awesome. Green + bird + circles = awesome!
Picture 7

And a close up of the matching pillow:
Picture 8

I want this lamp in all of these colors:
Picture 9

So simple and clean. A teenager can't possibly appreciate this headboard:
Picture 10

If only it weren't weird for jparks and I to have a bunk bed/desk thing:
Picture 11

I don't know if I want this because I love the color or if I really like the idea of a wardrobe. I could use it to get to Narnia!
Picture 12

More lamps! Because you can't have too much reading light:
Picture 13

What bedroom is complete without a chandelier?
Picture 14

Do you guys remember that fridge I wanted to put upstairs for ice cream? I could have it in green!
Picture 15

Anyone want to guess which color I want this in?
Picture 17

Elephants! (this post may use up my yearly allotment of exclamation points)

Picture 18

And finally, big, white, fake antique keys. Why? Why not!
Picture 19


  1. OMG! I totally want the squirrel pillow! And it would go with the colors in our bedroom! Ack!

  2. I love nearly everything you chose from PB Teen. The sheets!! The sheets are just darling...

  3. ooh, i have a green table thingy from pb teens. i should give it to you.

  4. be still my 14 year old heart...I'm in love....especially with the bird bedding stuff!!

  5. Hmm, I'm thinking several of these things might make it into the nursery I'm planning (for whenever we actually have a house big enough to contain this kid I'm having). I especially liked the flower & leaf pillows, the little birdie pillow, and the green lamp! I thought I had picked out a lamp, but now I've changed my mind ;-) Your other choices are super cute too!

  6. Um thanks. I totally want that squirrel pillow. I also drool over the Land of Nod catalog even though I don't want any of those baby things.

  7. I have squirrels in the back yard. I don't think I need a squirrel pillow.

    You would totally hate my desk. It's got to be at least thirty years old and looks like it could survive nuclear activity of some sort, or at least double as a bomb shelter. The coolest thing is that it has two returns. Who makes desks with returns anymore?

  8. Hey hey hey go easy on the "teens couldn't possibly appreciate..." comments. I'm still a teen for 10 more months and I happen to ADORE that headboard... along with pretty much everything else you posted haha. *drools with you*

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