Sunday, May 18, 2008

bay to breakers? not so much.

Last night jparks and I went up to San Francisco so I could run Bay to Breakers this morning. We left our house last night and had to turn around to get my hydration pack, which I had left on the couch. We got to our friend's house in SF and went to dinner, where I had a second serving of rice covered in coconut milk (got to carb load! Okay, not really for a 12k, but mmm coconut milk rice) and then we promptly went to bed so I could get a full night's sleep before my big race day.

This morning, before my alarm went off, I sat up, turned to jparks and said "I don't have a sports bra." Not sure why that thought didn't occur to me the night before or why that was the very first thing I thought of in the morning but let's say I wasn't thrilled with this realization.

I know B2B wasn't a super long race and it's not what I'm training for, but I was really looking forward to running it. It's one thing to run 7.46 miles on my own, but to run it on a course, with other runners, and people that are cheering (not necessarily for me, but I can pretend) is something special. It's fun. It's motivating. It makes getting up 5 days a week at 6am and running around my cold neighborhood worthwhile. And thanks to my absent-mindedness I couldn't experience any of that. Stupid boobs.

After deciding that I wasn't walking the race (I only had my spandex running capris and wicking mesh shirt with me. And while those are okay to run in, I have no desire to walk the streets of SF looking like a total tool) I told jparks that bacon and mimosas would help ease my pain. So off to Crepevine we went where I indulged in some therapeutic bacon and a sweet crepe that was served with ice cream. Yes folks, I had some ice cream for breakfast. And a glass of fresh squeezed oj mixed with some bubbly. Missing the race sucked, but brunch really did help it suck less.


Ice cream!crepe

Nom nom nomall that remained

Let the real healing begin! bacon


  1. When I saw your twitter, I assumed you were running, but with a regular bra. So sorry you couldn't run the race today! The weather looked decent enough in SF, at least. I, however, got sick with a head cold Friday night, so even if I hadn't flaked yet, I would have flaked during the day on Saturday. =P

    Next year, next year...

  2. Your mimosa looks radioactive.

  3. I dreamed about you running your marathon and Trixie and I were on the sidelines cheering you on! Then you got your necklace and it was so pretty and shiney!

  4. Ice cream, crepes, and bacon (I don't eat meat, but I do remember how yummy they were) -- what more could one ask for??? Mmmm...