Saturday, May 3, 2008

i scream, you scream

Recently I've noticed that my kitchen is starting to resemble an ice cream parlor. (or is the correct term scoop shop? ice cream bar? ice creamery?) It started slowly with some vanilla to top a cobbler, expanded into some small pints of extra rich haagen-dazs, grew a bit more when someone left hot fudge and caramel toppings at my house, and now it must end because I can't handle the line of people on my porch that are demanding better mixins or else they'll find another ice cream emporium to frequent.

How much ice cream is too much for one house? 2 large cartons, one square carton, 3 pints (in all fairness, 2 of those pints are soy cream, ice cream's bastard child from her one night stand with that vegan she met at a Phish concert), one pack of skinny cow peanut butter ice cream sandwiches, one box of skinny cow fudge dipped ice cream bars, one jar of caramel, one jar of crushed pineapple, 2 jars of hot fudge, one large tub of cool whip, and a jar of maraschino cherries. And honestly, I don't even like ice cream enough to warrant that much of it in my freezer.

Don't get me wrong, I like ice cream a lot, but mostly if it's paired with something, like a brownie, some pie, or cookie dough. It has to be an earth shattering flavor for me to go for it all on it's own (a perfect example is gelato from Whole Foods, but only the flavors they make in store. Hello avocado gelato, I want to mouth kiss you)

So here I am with a enough ice cream to easily make me 3 clothing sizes bigger and a strong desire to not just throw it away. Aren't we in the middle of a global food crisis? It would be criminal for me to waste all of this frozen cream. I think my best disposal option is an ice cream social. You in?

And, in case you want proof of ice cream before committing, here ya go (click through for notes if you can't locate all the ice cream in the pictures, which I bet you can't do. Some pints are hiding better than Waldo):






  1. Hmmm, but didn't you want a fridge upstairs just for ice cream? If you relocated half of this ice cream upstairs it wouldn't seem like so much...

  2. Forget the ice cream, I'll have one of those pizzas and a Sierra Nevada! ; )

  3. heh... I'm so sorry but when I started to read I thought that you were talking about the colours of your kitchen, the green and the pink appliances. I was saying yes it's icecream coloured, but so appropriate and you shouldn't be upset.
    Now I see you mean literal icecream. The fat girl in me is squeeing with joy at the pictures, and the post partum "dear god what has happened to my hips" mama is trying to chase down the fat girl to smother her, but jeeze that fat girl is fast.

    Anyhow.... would you reccomend the skinny cow ones?

  4. Shannon, if you lived closer I would have you over to drink some beer! That's the other thing that we have too much of in our house.

    Deadra, I like the skinny cow ice cream sandwiches a lot. I recently discovered that CostCo sells them and am considering buying them in bulk because I eat through them so quickly. The fudge dipper skinny cow things are okay, but could be better.

  5. you can't have too much beer in your house.

    Soy ice cream is not food, much less ice cream.

  6. ice cream is my weakness. i'm pretty sure i can solve your ice cream proliferation problem given half a chance.