Monday, May 12, 2008

Jazz Hams!

OMG! Jazz Hams! I love them!


Can't you hear them singing a show tune in their little hamster voices? Ack!

On an unrelated to hamsters note, jparks and I are thinking of buying the Flip video camera. Do any of you kind folks out there have an opinion about it? Love it, hate it, totally indifferent towards it?


  1. I just got a Flip last week. So far I like it, though I haven't really put it through much testing (yes, it turns out there is a limit to the number of videos of my cat even I can take). It's super easy to use and comes with its own editing etc software - also easy to use. The picture seems like a good quality, at least for my uses. I bought the orange, Ultra btw.

  2. It takes pretty good video. I recommend it!

  3. Aaron bought it for his dad and he loves it.

  4. I heart the jazz hams! It took ALL OF MY WILL POWER to to not send a jazz hams e-mail to everyone I know.