Thursday, May 15, 2008

making groceries

One time I sent jparks to the grocery store while he was hungry and when he brought back a bunch of random items I made fun of him for the rest of the evening. (He bought salad dressing, but not anything that you could throw together to make a salad.) Well, this evening I went to the grocery store while I was hungry and I'm willing to admit that I deserve whatever jokes he throws back at me.

Here's what I bought:

  • Frosted Flakes (a huge box. And I hate sugar-y cereals)

  • Saag's British Bangers (the only time I've ever had bangers was in London. I've never even considered making them, yet somehow they ended up in my basket. Oddly enough I bought no potatoes to make them into bangers and mash.)

  • Frozen rolls (because buying fresh rolls would have meant the oven could stay turned off and why would I not want to heat up my kitchen when it's only 100 degrees outside?)

  • Corn Pops (I don't think I've ever eaten Corn Pops. But it came with a free glow in the dark Indiana Jones spoon!)

  • Frozen Fish Filets. Actually these didn't make it home with me. Somehow my brain kicked in and I put them back, because eww.

  • "Fresh" Tortellini. This was the only thing that made any sense as I actually had stuff at home to make this a legitimate dinner.

  • 2 Bottles of SoBe Lean. They were on sale! And who doesn't love fake sugar beverages?

Jparks is never going to let me hear the end of this. Although he may see the sugar-y cereals and forgot about the rest of the crap. That boy sure does love him some nutritionally void foods.


  1. This is pretty much the story of every trip I make to the grocery store.

  2. mmmmm…corn pops.

    And you’re missing out…those fish filets are tasty.

  3. What you call random groceries, I call lunch. Corn Pops are the shizznit.