Thursday, May 8, 2008

morning hair is worse than morning breath

If you have me as an iChat or gtalk contact then you might have noticed that recently I've changed my icon picture to one that is not quite professional. This is totally perfect since my company does 90% of its communication via iChat. And I wonder why I don't get pay raises or advance from my current position.

How about some more build up before I post the picture? Sure! Disappointment is fun! This was taken one morning right after I woke up. I usually fall asleep on my stomach but, judging from my delightful hair in the morning, I must roll over during the night and dedicate myself to making it very uncomfortable for jparks to sleep. I guess even when I'm asleep I like to screw with my husband.

Enough words, picture time!

morning hair is worse than morning breath

Jparks says he laughs every time he sees this picture and I hope you do too. And if you didn't laugh at the hair, maybe you could laugh at the bags under my eyes. I tend to do that because laughing at them makes for a great form of denial.

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  1. Found your blog from your comment on PW's site - nice blog and I will be back to check it out some more. I bet your hair looks cute when it is combed, LOL! I love that pic at any rate and all the ice cream too :)