Friday, May 23, 2008

thank you for being my friend

I'm just about caught up with everything on my tivo and, since most of the episodes were season finales, it's time to find new and exciting ways to fill my nights until summer ends and the fall tv season starts. Perhaps I'll hit up Barnes & Noble for all of those books you guys suggested. Or maybe it's time to pack my netflix queue full of tv shows on dvd that I never got around to watching when they first came on! Yay for tv! Boo for books!

Kidding. Well, kinda. I am trying to read all of your suggestions, but it's been slow going. I've been so drained when I get home from work that I lack the attention span required for me to read a really great book. (That's the snobby English major in me talking. Certain kinds of books I can't casually read, I have to devote myself to them.) But tv requires no brain activity and therefore I lurve it. Yay for mindless entertain! Yay for turning my brain into mush!

But when it comes to tv viewing, I have rules. The biggest, most important one being that if I don't watch a show from when it premiers, then I can't start watching it mid season, or at the start of the second season, or really at any time. Which is why tv on dvd has been such a blessing for me. This rules is also why my tivo hates me every fall. I must record all the new shows, otherwise I might miss something GOOD! But inevitably I miss something that turns into a great show and when my Entertainment Weekly arrives I have no idea what they are talking about. Neil Patrick Harris wants me to suit up? I don't get it!

And this is why I wait all tv season long for the summer when I netflix the hell out of tv shows, watching them obsessively so I can start watching the show in the fall. This was how I watched Gilmore Girls (that was a hard one because I had something like 5 seasons to catch up with), Friday Night Lights (easy peasy, one season), and Grey's Anatomy (mid level, 3 seasons).

This summer I think I'm going to queue up Pushing Daisies and How I Met Your Mother (not knowing why I'm supposed to suit up is KILLING ME). I've also had a really bizarre desire to watch the first season of the Golden Girls (stop judging me) lately so maybe I'll throw that one in. What's not to love about Golden Girls? It's entertaining and it'll drive jparks crazy, I call that a win-win situation. This summer is going to be awesome!


  1. I randomly found myself watching the Golden Girls the other day. I think it took me a full twenty minutes to ask myself, "...what the hell? For real?"

    You should watch Big Love. I'm pretty sure it's currently in its third season (I wouldn't know for sure because I don't get HBO), but I rented the entire first season and downloaded the second (illegally, of course). So it's what you would describe as "mid-level" and I assure you very entertaining and... anticipatory? What is the word I'm looking for here?? Anyway. That's my suggestion for further abuse of your Netflix subscription. :)

  2. I'm glad you mentioned the Golden Girls at the very end because I was confused at first why this post was titled as it was. (Although, wasn't it "a friend" instead of "my friend?" Although, my brain could be deceiving me...)

  3. Oh I'll second Big Love. I watched the first season on On Demand and it's pretty good. And I hear ya about watching a show only from the premiere. I can't watch Heros because I haven't seen any of the early ones. However sometimes I do that to myself on purpose so I don't become a slave to my TV, but then again there is always America's Next Top Model, Survivor and such to keep me firmly planted on my couch!