Monday, June 9, 2008

a boring recap for a boring weekend

This weekend was jam packed with fun activities. Activities like sleeping! And then sleeping some more! Followed by another round of sleeping! Yay for sleeping!

Friday night jparks and I had plans to go out to dinner with some friends but ended up skipping it when my stomach started to feel not so happy. That's the thing about my stomach, it's very temperamental and will ruin my plans with no warning. It has no concern for what I want to do or eat, it only cares about itself. My stomach is quite the bitch. So, after bailing on our friends, jparks and I went home where we sat on the couch, sucked down smoothies, and waited for Battlestar Galactica to start. Exciting, yes?

Saturday morning I woke up and, still not feeling 100%, decided to bail on trampoline class. While jparks was off bouncing his heart out, I took a nap. Then when he got home we took a nap. After being awake for a couple of hours, the clock struck 8pm and I decided to go to bed as all that napping had really worn me out. I woke up Sunday morning feeling sort of refreshed, but still a bit tired. What's up with that?

On Sunday we went to a BBQ hosted by jparks' D&D friends. I know, and it was everything you would expect from a D&D run BBQ. We played video games, watched a truly horrible movie, and cracked a lot of "your mom" and "that's what she said" jokes. But before jparks gets all worked up to full T.Rex mode (when he gets mad he becomes a T.Rex. I really have to show you what I mean because explaining it doesn't do it justice) let me say that I did have fun.

And that was my weekend. Very low key, very boring, very sleep filled. But considering I haven't had a full weekend off in quite awhile, I must admit, boring was just about perfect. And now, please excuse me, I'm currently sitting in my underwear due to the heat (FUCK YOU HEAT! DO NOT WANT!) and am thinking I should probably cover up before I leave the house to forge for dinner. Unless I go through a drive thru, then pants might just be optional. Win-win!

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  1. Wait there are people who actually watch Battlestar Galactica????? Whenever I am watching Ghost Hunters and I see those commercials I always think, who the hell is tuning in enough to keep that stuff on the air? And now I know! Damn you both!!!