Tuesday, June 17, 2008

do you know what sucks?

Have you ever really had to pee? Like "you've had one too many refills on your large diet coke, then were stuck in the car for 45 minutes, finally got to your destination, but had to wait 15 minutes before they opened the doors, then you had to wait for an elevator, wait for the elevator to reach the fourth floor, and then walk down a really long hallway to get to the bathroom" have to pee? Because the worst thing that can happen after this is that you walk into the bathroom and your bladder starts gettting all excited because it's finally in a place where peeing is allowed, but you're wearing a belt for the first time in months and your bladder hasn't planned for that extra two seconds it takes to get the belt off and for those two seconds you're not sure if you're going to pee on yourself or make it to a toilet. Well, that really sucks.

For the record, I made it in to the toilet, but I didn't have time to latch the stall door behind me. Thank god the bathroom was empty.


  1. Yes, that pretty much has happened to me. Very, very sucky.

  2. you're gonna love being pregnant!!

  3. I got stuck in the backseat of my mom's CR-V with a bladder full of 3 water refills on the Pensacola bridge in the worst traffic I have ever seen, save Katrina evacuation. We crept across the bridge at -12 mph, complete with lots of stops in between. Except we were on a bridge in a solid line of cars so I couldn't even get out and pee in the bushes and then run back to the car. I was crying by time we got halfway across (this was like... two years ago, I wasn't even little enough to cry and get away with it), was afraid to move, and Patrick was sitting next to me laughing. At my expense. If it hadn't have been extremely inappropriate with my mom in the front seat, I would've let it (it being all the pee) loose on him.

    Pretty much the worst pain I've ever been in, and that includes being stabbed in the leg with scissors. I feel your pain girl.

  4. Yeah, but when you're pregnant, you know you'll have to pee after each and every refill, so it will just become habit to go to the bathroom before you even pick up your car keys.