Monday, June 30, 2008

more than you ever wanted to know about my armpits

On Saturday, after my long run (12 miles! eee!), I noticed that I had a weird patch of bumps in my armpit region. Chalking it up to sports bra irritation I ignored it but by Sunday the bumps had gotten worse and were a combination of itchy and burny. Thankfully, I just happened to have a dermatologist appointment this morning so I had him take a look because an itchy and burny armpit does not make for a happy me. Turns out I have infected hair follicles (fucking gross) and am now on medicine to clear it up.

The downside to this? I am not allowed to shave my armpits for at least two weeks, possibly more if the antibiotics don't work. Folks, in two weeks time it's going to look like hamsters have taken up residence in my armpits. People will assume I live in Berkeley. Can deodorant penetrate a layer of hair to reach skin or am I going to be stinky? Is men's deodorant make to soak through a layer of hair? Should I borrow jparks'? The family that deodorizes together stays together, right?

(yeah, seriously that's my blog post for today. I got nothing else. Sorry)

((No offense if you have hairy armpits. It's just not the look for me))


  1. Stay away from me, you dirty hippie!

    (I think this was the same excuse Julia Roberts used when she tried to go hippie some years ago, isn't it?)

    In my mind's science, I think that spray deodorant would work better at a time like this than a stick, etc.

  2. ewwwww! i would die if i was not allowed to shave my pits for two weeks.

    and congrats on 12 miles. almost halfway there! yes, it's depressing that you're only ALMOST halfway done, but also...twelve miles is a friggin long way!

  3. Maybe try the soft solid uber strength ones? Like Secret Clinical Strength, I think Dove makes one now too. Anyhow, you can sort of mush them down in there. I use the Secret stuff and it's very, uh, mushable.

  4. See, I'm not allowed to wear deodorant during my radiation (or anything on my skin for that fact just in case it's in the treatment field - I don't think my arm pit are, but burned arm pits does not sound fun if they are). But dang it, I still shave my pits! I'm sorry you are missing out on this integral part of life!

  5. Maybe if the hair gets too long you can get jparks to trim them with scissors? The stakes are highest for him, as far as you not smelling.

  6. Hmm, maybe check out the stuff at Whole Foods or Trader Joes? Their customers are sure to be in the hippie dippy category. Otherwise, maybe some sports gel deodorant? Did your doc even say you could use deodorant w/ your (what I am assuming is some sort of topical) antibiotic? Just in case I would also stay away from any foods that make everyone smelly, like garlic and Indian food.

  7. LOL. I dunno, dude. I haven't shaved my pits in like 8 years.
    I use Tom's of Maine calendula stick though. And it works well.
    and I sweat a lot. so. yeah, try it out. It smells yummy too.
    it has lemongrass in it.

  8. YAY 12 miles! That's nearly a half marathon!