Friday, June 6, 2008

now with video goodness

My Flip video camera arrived this week (a day before the newer model was released. Of course, because that's just my damn luck) and I must say I'm both smitten and repulsed by it.

I thought the best way to welcome the Flip into our family would be to make a sex video of jparks and I. Kidding. Seriously. I swear I wouldn't do that to anyone including myself. But what I did attempt to do is make an MTV Cribs style home tour for our family and friends far away. It started outside of our house with a brief introduction from me. It ended not long after that. Actually I did complete a couple of tour videos of the whole house (shoe pile included!) but when I went back and watched them I couldn't hit the delete button fast enough.

It turns out video is much more honest than still pictures. All the tricks you can use for photographs: tilting your chin upwards, standing at an angle, do not work for video and actually make you look like a total idiot. And then there was my voice. Oh my god, it's like fingernails on a chalkboard. I sound like southern hick meets valley girl. WTF?? How do you people that know me in real life listen to me talk? Do you just zone me out and I've never noticed? I really can't blame you if you do.

After trying a couple of different takes on the home tour I gave up. And instead I present you this:

That would be Lily freaking out at Tangi because she was on the coffee table, inching toward my dinner. Exciting I know. But hey, at least it's not jparks and I having the sex.

(Bonus question for the geeks: the quality of this video turned to crap once I put it on youtube. When I watch it from the original file on my computer the quality is much better. Why is this? What can I do to make the quality better?)


  1. Hang on, I think I know this answer. The file gets compressed when you put it on to YouTube.

    Whoa. I'm dizzy. Of course, I have no idea how to make the quality better.

  2. I have no geeky answer, but Chachi totally enforces with Bonsai too, nice to know I don't have the only strange little dog in the world! (also so stoked to take care of Lily in September!)

  3. Once again: thank you for the video not being of you and Jason having sex.