Monday, July 14, 2008

call off the baby shower

Dude. You people are some baby wishing fools. Well, I hate to disappoint but I am not pregnant. N-O-T-P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T

I am however starting to dig my new hair. Every night I throw on a headband before I wash my face and when I put it on post haircut I didn't grab all of the bangs and OMG, cute hair! Since then I've been scouring local Targets for headbands, mostly unsuccessfully because now that I want a headband Target has cleared out all of their stock just to piss me off. I need to make the trek to the mall to visit Claire's, where I'm assuming I'm still allowed to shop despite the fact that I'm not 12 years old. Oh, wait a minute, Clare's sells nose studs now? Um, wow? I guess Clare's is now for people over 12 year old. Oh, that could be their new slogan "Clare's: We're for adults with only the best taste in nose studs and star belly rings. Strippers also welcome for the body glitter"

In other news, on Saturday I set out for a run and got to mile 14 when a throbbing sensation started in my right foot. Since then the pain has been coming and going and when it flares up I limp around like an idiot. I'm hoping it gets better by Thursday so I can wear heels to BlogHer and not the comfortable, but slightly unattractive Crocs, trainers, and flip flops that I've been wearing since Saturday. Will people still talk to me if I wear ugly shoes? Probably, but I'm going to be nervous about meeting the internet for the first time and cute shoes will at least give me one topic of conversation.

And finally, I have a question for you. Lately, when you leave a comment I've been trying to respond with an email. I haven't been doing this for every comment but I'm trying my best to reply to as many as possible without seeming like a desperate stalker. Are you guys getting those emails or are they falling into your spam filters?

And now it's time to run off to Mountain Winery to see Aimee Mann in concert. Seriously, this week is starting on a high note and is only going to get better.


  1. I commented last week and got nothing for my troubles. But I do like your hair and it seems to be a great perk (especially forjparks) that the new do makes your breasts look bigger.

  2. ahhh, Aimee Mann?! SO jealous.
    and no, you're not chopped liver. LOL.
    I thought I'd linked you too.

    soooo.....excited? nervous?
    I am definitely looking forward to the break but I'm a bit of a spaz about it too.

  3. I judge people who wear Crocs. I won't even pretend I don't. So I sincerely hope your foot feels better!

    You must know because I've replied a couple times but I have gotten the comment reply emails.

  4. Sorry to hear your foot is hurting. Definitely take it easy. Also, only wear shoes w/ good arch and mid-foot support for a while. Stay away from flip flops and crocs b/c the lack of support will cause your foot to be unstable and therefore your muscles and tendons will need to make up for the lack of support in your shoes making your foot problem worse. If it doesn't heal in a week or so, go see a sports podiatrist. Make sure the person is a "sports" podiatrist b/c a regular old podiatrist will just tell you to stop running for a couple of months which is lame. "Sports" gals/guys are trained to help you work through the injury and keep on running. Treat early (trust me, I had severe shin splints pop up about 2 months before my marathon, which really sucked - but I still managed to get treated and run the full 26.2.)

  5. I wouldn't judge! I wear chacos and have been informed they are the ugliest shoes ever made. I think they're awesome. And yeah, I get your emails. But you know that because I write you back because I pretty much am a desperate stalker

  6. Chacos effing RULE! And the ones with the toe straps are soooo cute. I have two pair. The older one is starting to crack in the sole. Anyone know how to fix it?

  7. I would fix it by buying another pair, maybe two pairs. One to wear and another pair to comfort you in your loss of the original pair.