Thursday, July 24, 2008


This year BlogHer really pushed us to all have a pitch about our blogs; something witty and quick that would make people want to visit our sites. Uh, yeah, I failed at coming up with that. And since I get all kinds of nervous when talking to new people I compensated by being really sarcastic (surprise!) and started telling people that I blog about all kinds of various things: it started with bestiality, which morphed into gerbiling, which morphed into hamsters. "My blog? Well, it's about hamsters. I like when they run on their little wheels. Or sometimes you can put them in plastic balls. Yeah, they're cool." This worked really well, up until I met a woman that said "I blog about gerbils!" and she meant it.

So, after a weekend of Whitney and I claiming we both blogged about rodents, I have decided to take the next logical step and created a hamster FAQ site. I pulled real FAQs from other hamster sites and answered them as truthfully as possible. I have learned not much about hamsters, but a lot about people that like hamsters. Mostly that those people are totally fucking stupid.

So, without further ado, here's Formation of Hamsters! There's even a poll on the side bar that you should totally participate in. Enjoy!


  1. You are hillarious - I just finished reading your hamster ramblings and I'm peeing on myself! I called Micah in here to read it and he's lovin it! Good work!

  2. Oh sweet jesus, that is AWESOME! I didn't think you'd go through with it!

    I can't believe someone really blogs about gerbils.

  3. um, yeah, i'm kind of in love with you right now...

  4. Oh man, I missed the launch party! Am I too late to get some schwag? T-shirts?