Monday, July 28, 2008

Lucha Libre!

Saturday night Mexican Wrestling made its way to the Bay Area and, since I'm never one to miss out on a totally ridiculous (and free) event, I headed over to the Pavilion with ML and jparks to check it out.

I don't know what I was expecting, but I can now report that Mexican Wrestling is the most awesome sport ever played in the history of man. It's like watching the 3 Stooges if they were on steroids, with a lot of drama mixed in. Not that I have any clue what the drama was about since it was all in Spanish, but that didn't hinder my enjoyment of the event.

The general plot to each fight was some bad dudes vs. some good dudes. And sometimes the good dudes were little people. (They weren't quite midgets, but they weren't full sized people either. Is little people the PC term for this condition?) Or sometimes they were girls. Or sometimes the girls were boys in drag and therefore the best wrestler of the night!

Now I know you're jealous that you weren't there to experience this magical event with me, which is why I'm going to take you on a photographic journey through Lucha Libre. Please keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times and do not exit the ride until your car has come to a complete stop.

Let's get ready to rumble!
Lucha Libre AAA Triplemania!

The wrestlers wear those masks for real. Well, some do and some just paint their faces. Because nothing says fear quite like a painted face.
bad guy


The next fight confused me at first. Two sisters came out and it was obvious they were going to battle. Then a dude came out. Then Pimpinela Escarlata came out. I was all "wait, so one team is two girls and they have to fight a girl and a guy?!? That's not fair!" But the 10 year old behind us quickly cleared up my confusion by explaining that Pimpinela was a transgender wrestler (his words!). Here is my photo essay ode to Pimpinela:
Pimpinela Escarlata
Got to love her sparkly cape. No outfit is complete without one.
Pimpinela Escarlata
You can't really tell, but her outfit was basically a bathing suit.
Pimpinela Escarlata

Seriously, how does their makeup not get messed up?
the dark boys

This guy came out and did a little strip tease. And I love that he had his mirror so he could admire himself too.
The Sexy Cowboy

But sexy cowboy wrestler had nothing on Super Porky!
Super Porky!

Do yourself a favor and good look at this on in the large size. You will not regret it although you might have some weird dreams later on:
sexy and sexier

There are a few more pictures that I'm not posting here because we need to move onto the main event: VIDEO!

This one starts slow, but once you get about halfway into it the real magic starts. ML called it ballet for guys and I can't help but agree.

Untitled from regan parks on Vimeo.

Eventually the fighting got out of hand and it became a free-for-all. What I loved about this event was that it was packed with families with young kids and yet the wrestlers were flipping off the crowd and possibly yelling obscenities. You can see the Silence of the lambs guy climb on the ropes and flip the crowd off in this video:

Untitled from regan parks on Vimeo.

Oh my god, SO REAL!

Untitled from regan parks on Vimeo.

The other good thing to come out of Lucha Libre besides me having a new favorite sport? I so know what jparks will be for Halloween! Just call him Pimpinela Escarparks.

If you have time for one more video I suggest this one. The skeleton dude prances around quite a bit for a wrestler. This whole match was way more of a comedy skit than a wrestling match, but I don't think I actually got lot of it taped.


  1. I am SO jealous! This looks like it was a blast. I'm kinda into wrestling myself (that's what I get for hanging out with men all my life) and one of my favorites is Rey Mysterio (mexican wrestler). I would have had a blast at this! So fun!

    I'm so going to name my next pet "Pimpinela".

  2. Wow, only in my wildest dream of dreams would I get to go to a Mexican wrestling match!!! YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!!!!!!

  3. You have got to be freaking kidding me. This is only The Awesome.

  4. You know Aaron bought me a Mexican wrestler statue one time. Or did I buy it for him? Either way- awesome. As is this.