Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today I placed an order for another bottle of the perfume I wear. And while this is normally not that interesting of a feat, once I tell you what the brand is you'll wonder why I don't go hang my head in shame.

About two years ago I went to Sephora and was sniffing around the perfume area for something new. A salesgirl came over and I told her that I typically like vanilla based scents or things that have food notes. Because I like it when I'm tempted to lick my own arm. She said that a perfume had just come out that I would love and, without letting me see the bottle, she spritzed some on me. The scent was wonderful, a perfect mix of things I would cram into my mouth without a second thought. When I asked what the name of the perfume was she said "Well, it's brand new! Created with a certain celebrity in mind! She loved it so much that she has put her name on it! It's Fantasy by Britney Spears!"

Yeah, seriously. Brit-Brit had made the best smelling perfume I had ever used and I had no choice but to buy it. Since discovering Fantasy I've purchased a few other perfumes, and while they are all nice, they just don't react with my body chemistry the way the Fantasy does. As my latest bottle started to run out I was faced with a dilemma: continue to buy Eau de Crazy or start the hunt for an adult perfume that doesn't come in a bottle that looks like it was designed by an 11 year old.

I've opted to continue using the perfume (obviously. Otherwise this post would be pointless) for a couple of reasons. I feel like I need to show my support for Britney. So the girl's not the smartest celebrity out there, but how boring would the internet be without her? And because no one wants to admit that they wear Fantasy anymore, you can find it hella cheap online. And did I mention the wanting to lick my own arm when I'm wearing it? Because I honestly kinda do want to.

Brit-Brit, I know you've done a lot of crazy things that no one really understands, but damn you know a good perfume. And while other folks may mock you for your antics, I've still got your back. You don't have to say thanks, I know you appreciate it.


  1. so when you click on the sephora link and see that crazy eye with the crazy eyeliner I totally get excited!...
    I'm totally gonna start wearing my eyeliner ljust ike that!

  2. I'm pretty sure my nieces (all three, ages 4-13) would wear that perfume and LOVE the bottle.

  3. I actually remember this exact blog post. Soooo sad. On my part, I mean.

    If people ask you could always just make up some fancy French name or simply say, "I picked it up in an apothecary while touring Europe" or something equally as impressive/intimidating. Or just say it's Eau de Crazy. ;)

  4. This makes me wish I actually wore perfume. I can never find one that actually works. Of course, that's probably because I don't actively seek out a scent. Maybe I'll have to give ol' Brit a try!

  5. Geesh! Now I kinda' want to lick your arm!

  6. Okay, FINE, I will try it.

    Also, even though I'm sure someone way, Way, WAY smarter than her wrote the words to "Piece of Me," I still respected her way more after I heard her sing it. I was like, "Hey, yeah, that MUST kind of suck to be her!"

  7. At least your are man enough to admit it. And really, she probably had nothing to do with the creation of it. And I know what it is like to have perfumes not work with you. Just don't start play acting those stupid commercial she did to promote it.

  8. I wish Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth was still being made.