Thursday, July 10, 2008

that's what I get for trying something new

Today I got a haircut (just like every other female blogger out there that's heading to BlogHer next week) and I asked my stylist if we could do something, ANYTHING, with my side swept bangs because I was over them. She asked if I've ever had straight bangs and, after admitting that I haven't since I was 12 years old, she convinced me they would be fun! And cute! Snip snip snip and now I have proper bangs again. Um, yeah. I'm not totally sold on them yet.

Here's what I look like:
my new hair cut.jpg

Oh how I wish I were kidding. Don't believe me?

new hair cut

How long until those bangs grow out and drive me crazy? Also, not related to the hair cut, but damn my boobs are huge. What's up with that?

edit: Do you need to see the pictures side by side?


  1. I would've totally never thought about that cat without you posting it :P

  2. lol. I think it's cute. It frames your face well.
    I probably need a haircut....but I don't think it's going to happen.
    I think the last time I cut my hair year or something?
    but then again you're talking to someone who doesn't even own a hair brush.

  3. You're pregnant? Is Jparks pregnant?

  4. ooh, let's start a rumor. regan's pregnant! or ARE you?

    haircut is cute. maybe it just needs to be fluffed out a little?

    did you cut a lime just to demonstrate the haircut? i hope so.

  5. I think it's cute too! It's got a little bit of a 20's movie star vibe to it.

  6. I think the cut is cute! The bangs are good, I just think the sides need to not be so flat against your ears.

  7. The cat photo is hilarious! I like the bangs, but I agree the sides need to be fluffier or longer, or both. Hmm, the first obvious sign that I was pregnant was that my boobs got really big....just saying.

  8. My hair stylist is the best hairstylist ever. But you'd have to drive to San Carlos. But I think she's worth it. If I moved to Milpitas I'd drive to San Carlos so she could cut my hair.

  9. I'm gonna go against the grain here and guess that you're not pregnant but since you're running so much you've done gone and toned yourself up and now your boobies are sittin' higher, making them look bigger.
    That's the theory I'm going with!

  10. Volumizing shampoo and... an ultrasound maybe???? :O Sorry can't help but join in the gossip. ;)

  11. I like it, well, except for the sour-puss face. :P May I suggest trying your new 'do with headbands? Headbands can be exceptionally fun with straight bangs. :)

  12. I hear you. I cut my hair recently and as much as I try to love it, I feel: Meh. I can't wait till it grows out. I'm going to grow until it reaches my navel.

    For what it's worth, Regan, I think it's cute on you... but I'm also aware that the grass is greener on the other side.