Monday, July 21, 2008

what's on the horizon

Do you have any idea how hard it is to go back to work after having 4 days off, and spending the bulk of those days drinking and stealing lube? Oh my god, so damn hard. Every part of my body fought against going in to the office: my foot started hurting again, my ear ached, my head turned a couple more hairs grey. But, seeing as how I like money, I forced myself to go in but I couldn't force myself to work. Much, I mean, I couldn't force myself to work MUCH. I mean, I worked all day, not once did I slack off. I am the best employee ever. Please don't fire me bossman.

So what did I do between all of my very important tasks at work today? I shopped for domain names. That's one of the things that I walked away from BlogHer with, a strong desire to create more spots for me to vomit content onto the interwebs. Thus far I have only purchased two new domain names, but I have one that I keep going back to look at. I want it, but I don't need it. But it's only $10. But $10 is half a box of lube. How will I ever make up my mind?!?

Right now both of the sites I've purchased are blank so I won't share the names just yet. But I will tell you that one of them might have something to do with hamsters. Why hamsters? Because they fucking rock!


  1. You're going about this the wrong way. You already stole the lube, which means you're 2 domain names to the good already.

    Whoever says crime doesn't pay never worked in IT.

  2. I buy domain names like you buy shoes. I mean... just 'cause they're there and you might want to wear them some day.

  3. not just hamsters. but all tail-less rodents. don't forget the gerbils and guinea pigs too, dude.

  4. Hmmm, I'm thinking maybe

    Wait wait, it's totally isn't it? I knew it!

    Excited to see what you snagged. Domain shopping is fun!

  5. bwhahahahhaaha! I love it that you took the lube.
    love it.

  6. are you going to review the lub/lube for your devoted readers?

  7. You just reminded me that I need to buy some more domains!

    And also, I had a hard time going back to work today because why is no one talking about The Bloggess or saying fail whale? WHY? Need to go back NOW.


    I'm sorry, it's my favorite thing to say.

    I haven't done jack shit productive in like 2 weeks. Fuck real life man.