Tuesday, August 19, 2008

aww shucks, you guys are nice

Man, I didn't know you would all be so accepting of my incoherent whining. I'm impressed! Maybe I'll whine all the time from now on. It was hoooootttt today. I was sweeeeaating. Whiiiiiiine.

Kidding. I'll cut that shit out now. It was even annoying to me.

Today has been a little bit better. Lily went to the vet and was diagnosed as having an upper respiratory infection. She got a shot, which I had to hold her during (okay, I lied, will whine one more time. She was so pathetic when she got the shot. She yipped and cried and it broke my heaaaaart) and some medicine to take for about a week. I bribed her with peanut butter when we got home so she would forgive me for holding her during the shot. That dog owns me.

Then jparks went to the doctor for a mole and the doctor was all "You might have cancer" so that is fun. I'm totally not freaking out about this yet, I'm waiting until they slice a piece of his leg off and do a biopsy on it. Then I might freak out, so if you see a post that's just "ejhrgniwrotnviegwhcwng CANCER cwioehfcngoegurghn JPARKS neirncgovtbcrnfoxewg!" you'll know what's going on.

After that bit o'fun I went to the doctor (we were all about medical treatment today in the Parks household) and had an xray done of my knee. Since falling at BlogHer last month, I've had some pain in it when I run. And then the day after running. And then anytime I encounter stairs. The xrays showed nothing and now the doctor wants me to spend money, out of pocket, for an MRI. When I asked how much money we were talking about he said "Not too bad, about $1000. A real athlete like Mr. Phelps would spend that on his knee in a heartbeat." Uh, Mr. Doctor, I am not Mr. Phelps. I do not have enough money to fill a swimming pool, then do laps in it to break the world record for fastest 100m butterfly in a pile of $100 bills. Mr. Doctor told me to think about it overnight. Do you guys think that if I concentrate really hard, a spare $1000 will appear in my checking account? Also, can I concentrate and get a pony?

I also wore cute shoes today which helped lift my emo mood and I had this:
diet coke and red vines
You might say eww, but I say yum.

Also, my hair is looking awesome and the guy at the Border's coffeeshop gave me an extra shot of espresso in my latte. I'm fairly certain it was thanks to my cleavage. So, yay for boobies!


  1. I think you should setup a pay pal donations thingy and we can all chip in for your MRI. Just a thought

  2. Damn, girl, you have too much going on right now. No wonder you're with in the land of overwhelmed. I hope Jparks is OK. And insurance doesn't cover MRIs?

  3. I really do hope jparks is alright! If it's any encouragement they spent the whole time telling me that there was no way it was cancer (it also delayed my diagnosis by like 3 months), so maybe it's a good thing they think it is and he'll be alright. You could totally concentrate hard enough and make a pony appear. I feel your pain - I have a CT scan tomorrow...insurance covers that though...you might be able to cry about being poor and find someone who needs a charity case and you can get it done at a discount.

  4. stoopid paying for medical stuff in the US! Stoopid!
    Poor Lily! I feel your pain! I had to hold Trixie today as she got a shot in the leg! It was terrible, I nearly cried. She binked and went back to being her normal happy self. (I have the best baby EVAR!)

  5. Shouldn't your insurance cover the MRI? And anything you pay on it should come out of Flex Spending....but really, insurance? I really hope Jparks doesn't have cancer.... I had to take Athena in to get some blood tests, I cried. Adam had to go w/ me because I was so freaked out by having them stick her little foot.

  6. Yeah, why tf doesn't insurance cover an MRI??? wtf???

    Also, those shoes are totally awesome. But this would have been an even awesomer post if there was a picture of espresso-earning cleavage! ;-)