Thursday, August 21, 2008

once he's housebroken he gets more treats

Here's what happens when you're too busy to put the dog treats into the pet treat jar:

jparks: "Those cookies you bought don't taste good."

me: "What cookies?"

"The ones in the plastic bag on the counter"

"Hon, those aren't cookies. They're dog treats for Lily."

"Oh, well that explains why it tasted so gross"

"Are you still hungry? Should I grab Lily's kibble, put it in a Cocoa Puffs box and let you have some cereal?"

"Leave me alone!"

"If I put a frilly toothpick in a Snausage will you eat it for an appetizer?"



  1. Once we made my brother try a dog cookie.

    "Once" = last year.
    "We" = me, my husband, and my brother's wife.
    My brother is 29.

    Granted, it was one of those fancy vegan organic biscuits with no scary ingredients ... but he did it! And he knew it was for his dog!

  2. it's almost worth getting a dog...just so this might happen in my house.

  3. This is the best kind of story. The kind that can be brought up at parties when the husband is being particularly annoying. ;) Years later, of course.

  4. My grandma used to feed her dog Frosty Paws and I will admit I *always* wondered what it tasted like.

  5. Please tell me they weren't shaped like a bone or something. Because I've never seen a human cookie shaped like a bone.