Thursday, September 25, 2008

being "those" American tourists

For the last three nights of this trip we've been staying in the fanciest hotel that I have ever seen, much less stayed in, Dromoland Castle. It's a total first class kind of place and I think we've been on the verge of eviction multiple times. On our first night here jparks and I were walking around with some friends from the tour when the boys apparently lost their minds and started acting like fools.

Here's jparks sporting wood:
jparks sporting wood

And look, here they are molesting really old artwork:
molesting really old artwork

And lost in the bushes in the front of the hotel. (You can't really tell, but the bushes are cut into a fancy design)
lost in the bushes

When we went back inside the lobby people were giving us some really dirty looks. Imagine Emily Gilmore but make her a bit more uptight and you have the kind of folks we were getting looks from. Not that I entirely blame them, but we weren't being loud, causing damage, or pestering them in any way, we were simply acting like 12 year olds. And really, every once in awhile, I think that's okay.


  1. And you did not even mention the crown

  2. If there is a bidet in your potty, you MUST PHOTOGRAPH IT. Because that is the kind of classy thing I do whilst on vacation.

  3. That is some childish behavior. But it is making me laugh.

  4. Somehow the crown suits Jason, in the same manner that a plastic tiara suits my 4 year old niece, she just loves it so much!
    Looks like you guys are having fun!