Saturday, September 13, 2008

hey look, still not packing!

Do I need these shoes?
I think I do. Can they be worn with skirts? Like a black skirt with tights and then these shoes? And how cute would they be with black slacks. Cute, right?

Jparks and I are having a tivo standoff. The tivo in our bedroom (also known as my tivo since it records Gossip Girl, 90210, and Project Runway. All vital to my existence) has been crapping out this week. It records shows with no problems, but will not let you watch them. When you hit the tivo button on the remote, it takes about 15 minutes to respond. And lately its typical response is just to freeze up. It has only been doing this since jparks messed with our internet settings and I want him to fix it. For the love of all things holy, make the tivo let my Gossip Girl go, jparks! His solution is that we buy a new tivo. He claims this one is old. I claim he's crazy.

This is the tivo we got after Katrina so it's only three years old. Jparks insists that "OMG THREE YEARS OLD! Take it behind the barn and put a bullet in its head!" I insist that he's fucking crazy and I'm not shelling out for another tivo after only three years. Doesn't that seem like a short lifespan for a tivo? Shouldn't it last at least five years? Dammit tivo, I signed up for a long time relationship, not a quick fling where you have your way with me in our bedroom and then leave without saying goodbye. I feel so cheap and used.

And now a question (has this post been all questions? I think it might be. It's because I respect you guys so much that I want your input. And because I am dumb. dumbdumbdumb) What would you wear on a ten hour, overnight flight? I know not pajamas because ew, but what? I want to be comfortable and plan on sleeping, even if it means taking something to knock me out. Normally I don't sleep on planes because I can't get comfortable to save my life, so what can I do to boost my relaxation level up a notch? Would you wear shoes that you can kick off in your seat? Like crocs? (I know, shut up) Should I skip the pants and wear a skirt? I should I change into a bathrobe in the bathroom and walk back out to my seat like it's nothing? (how awesome would that be?) Help me!


  1. I think black yoga pants, the t-shirt of your choice, slip on shoes for getting through security, and a sweater coat (doubles nicely as a blanket) works pretty well. Bring a toothbrush and a hairbrush on the plane with you, so that after you wake up, you can go freshen up.

  2. I'm totally doing the robe thing next time we fly abroad. I may invest in an actual Scrooge nightcap to go with it.

    Bunny slippers always make a happy impression at the security line.

  3. Our Tivo is 5 years old (we got it just after we moved into this apartment) and it's fine, except that the modem died a few months ago and we had to switch to a wireless connection, which actually gives us some other cool stuff. We're not doing anything fancy like connecting two of them together, though.

  4. I'm with lauen on airplane clothing - plus socks. Also bring an extra shirt to chane into. For relaxation I say go with alcohol - that's why they serve it on flights. Start before the flight so you'll already be drowsy. Wait on the shoes b/c they might have better stuff in Ireland. Have Fun!

  5. Adam will not succumb to mainstream technology... I have an MP3 player but not an Ipod, we have 2 (TWO!!) DVRs (on the same TV) but no Tivo... I could go on and on...
    Anyhow wear easily removable shoes, security sucks, BUT I would think not flip flops in case it's rainy or icky when you get to Ireland. I agree with yoga pants or comfy jeans, but for the love of Pete do not wear Rhinestoned yoga jumpsuit with high chunky heeled platform flip flops with lucite bracelets and long nasty acrlyic nails, 'cause there is always that lady on any plane I've been on, and I secretly laugh at her and plan to tell you all about her. (but I always forget.)

  6. I completely agree with black yoga pants and a cute matching light weight athletic jacket. Go get some of those stylish slip-on puma flats, a pair of big sunglasses, and a cute tote. I'm sure someone will think your a famous celebrity and maybe you'll score a free first class upgrade. You can always dream, right? Seriously though, that's what I would wear. You'll use it all again and again.

  7. Yes, you need those shoes. They are super cute and I will envy you every time I see you wearing them.

    Agree w/ the yoga pants or something like these from Lucy. They are slightly nicer material than other knit yoga pants. Add a cute jacket to put on when going through customs so you look a little nicer. I've found that if I look a little more dressed up when going through customs/immigration, they are a little nicer to me. I would strongly recommend against wearing a skirt on a flight that long. Socks are a must, and remember that your feet will likely swell a bit from the air pressure on the flight, so shoes that slip on/off will probably be more comfortable.

    I second the note on taking an extra shirt on the plane. I was on a train from Barcelona to Nice and had the red wine I was drinking spilled all over me. I spent the rest of the train ride w/ a nice big stain on my white shirt. It was pretty, and I didn't at all look like a drunk. A clean shirt in my carry-on would have been nice.

  8. My DVR just crapped out at pretty much its 3 year anniversary (no lie, it was mid-July and I got it end of July 2005) I think they are supposed to last longer. Thankfully DishNetwork replaced it for me.

    Also, I can't like those shoes because I hated saddle shoes when I was growing up and have this weird aversion to them because my mom MADE ME WEAR THEM. But that's just me.