Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm living off the grid

Holy crap, we are back in California, but not back in our house, because our house has no power. NO FREAKING POWER. Apparently our energy bill hasn't been paid in two months and I never noticed. I am so smart, S-M-R-T. It seems the power was shut off on Thursday or maybe Friday and we found out about this on Saturday, while we were in San Francisco for a wedding. After taking a few deep breathes to help me calm the fuck down, I realized that having no power is not the end of the world and that it means extending our vacation by one more day when while we stayed with friends. Plus, knowing that I would shortly be in a bar with a mighty strong drink in my hand, helped too.

I bet you're wondering what my final verdict is about our Adventure by Disney. (Shut up and play along, of course you've been waiting for this!) I'm going to give the trip a thumbs up and would even go so far as to recommend it to other folks. We made some great friends on the trip (click through and behold the Duke of Dill aka: the King of Pickles and Kevin, the only guy that can make jparks look like a saint), saw some amazing sites, stayed in magnificent hotels, drank good Guinness and whiskey, and came home with tons of stories to tell. If all of that isn't the mark of a great vacation then I don't know what is.

Since returning home, we've been smacked hard in the face my real life and it has not been pretty. But anytime I look at my Ireland pictures I smile and laugh about jparks being a dumbass and suddenly am ready to call Disney to book my next Adventure. Dorky? Yes, but it simply was an awesome vacation. Like for reals. And in Ireland I had electricity in all my hotel rooms. Well, except for the one room where I tried to use my hair dryer. Who knew that a power converter doesn't actually convert all appliances?


  1. Why is there an audio thingy in my reader, but not on the post?

  2. It's a camping adventure at your house! Break out the smores! No lie though, it sucks to be w/out power. We were without for 30 days after Katrina... Hey, I gotta scan some pics I found from CWP Days! Scary! Senior Aid pics, Painting that funky bookcase in the AdB, Haiwaiin Nite, and Scoutiest Scout Contest... AHH! The good ole days! I'm going to try and scan them soon - they are hillarious!