Monday, September 1, 2008

keeping busy

You can all probably guess that I didn't have a relaxing weekend. I stayed tied to my computer, as much as possible, constantly refreshing two sites, trying to get the most up to date information available. It seems Gustav was bad, but not as devastating as we were all expecting. Don't get me wrong, things are not great in New Orleans and it's surrounding areas, but we're far from the worst possible outcome of a hurricane Gustav's size.

And while I did stay online way more than necassary, I knew that I had to cut the cord occasionally or else jparks would be dealing with post-Katrina freaked out Regan, and that's not good for anyone. So, in order to distract myself some, jparks and I had a movie marathon weekend. On Saturday we were the last two people in the world to go see The Dark Night. And while it was good, it made me nervous. Like, not able to watch the screen, tapping my foot, poking at jparks nervous. After the movie we walked around Great Mall, which is so much fun because jparks can't stand all the people that are there not shopping, but just aimlessly wandering around, cutting each other off, and generally being pains in the asses. He so can not handle these people and his reaction to them is free entertainment at it's finest.

On Sunday we went to San Francisco and I ran 18 miles while jparks rode his bike. On the way home I ate a chipotle burrito in record time. Seriously, I killed the burrito in less than 10 minutes. I knew I would be hungry post-run, but I didn't really expect to be that hungry. Also, it was the best burrito I have ever consumed and I've consumed a hell of a a lot of burritos. After digesting the burrito we went and saw Tropic Thunder, which I had my doubts about, but really, go see it. Right now. That was followed by tapas with friends and, if you're judging me for the amount of food I ate on Sunday, let me remind you that I ran EIGHTEEN (18) ((10 plus another 8)) (a whole butt load) miles. I could have eaten a whole cake and it would have been acceptable.

Today jparks and I finally got updates from our families back home and they are all out of power but generally okay. Our friends that evacuated haven't been able to go home yet, but from the news reports, I'm betting their houses will be okay. I spent the afternoon roasting a chicken and making a cake because I am Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker in one body. I had no idea that roasting a chicken was so easy because I am dumb. I shoved a couple of lemons up the chicken's butt, stuck it in the oven, and less than an hour later we had some good eats. It's safe to say that roasted chicken has earned a spot in the regular cooking rotation.

And now it's time for bed. Because that much running really does leave you tired for at least two days and honestly, I didn't sleep that well last night. I felt compelled to stay up hitting refresh for half the night. You know, because that accomplishes so much.


  1. We were up hitting refresh, too. And when the TV in the bedroom comes on in the morning as an alarm, I kept it on this morning (instead of turning it off because, duh Jen, it was a holiday) so I could stuff going on every so often. Not the most restful or productive mornings, but no big deal.

    Also, you were not the last two people, we are. Or we might be, depending on, um, other people. We thought about seeing it yesterday, but I was too stressed to see something that Dark. Based on your reaction, I think that was a wise decision. Maybe this coming week.

    I'm glad to hear your family and friends are okay and I hope everyone gets to return home soon and without drama and stress and issues.

  2. 1. You are not the last two people in the world because I have not seen it and do not plan on seeing it.
    2. I think our internet histories look a LOT alike at this point.
    3. You should have eaten a cake too. And donuts.

  3. I thought I was the last one to see Dark Knight, but I saw it Friday so I beat you! Glad to hear everyone you know is doing OK. And The Great Mall, oh how I do not miss you and your ghettoness ONE BIT.

  4. I have yet to see the Dark Night (and am not sure that I will). Tropic Thunder, however, is high on the list.

  5. I thought when you said two websites one was hurricanes and one was trying to figure out if Trig (where the fuck do these alaskan freaks get their names?) was Sarah's or Bristol's kid.