Tuesday, September 2, 2008

random bits

OMG, the Peach Pit! The theme song! The campy-ness! 90210, I am only 32 minutes into you and yet, I think I love you! You're not Gossip Girl, but I saw a blowjob in your first ten minutes, so points for that! And you ran jparks off in 9 minutes, so bonus points for that.

Hey looky, here's jparks after biking 24 miles and me after running 18 miles. The Golden Gate Bridge was behind us, but our big heads cover it.

So I roasted that chicken yesterday then realized that I have no idea how to carve it. Jparks and I basically hacked at it and it's not yielding the best results. Seeing as how I planned on roasted more chickens in the future (it's going to be a chicken genocide over here at Parks Place) I should probably learn. Any suggestions or tips?

Speaking of roasted chicken, the other day there was a guy on CalTrain eating a roasted chicken. Not a plate of roast chicken, not a sandwich, but a whole roasted chicken. With his fingers. I know we've been through this before, but dude, why? How do you walk into a grocery store, knowing that whatever you buy will need to be eaten on public transit, and pick out something totally ridiculous? A sandwich from the deli is acceptable. A whole chicken is not. Disgusting person. Sorry this is blurry, but a flash would have been too obvious.

Remember awhile back I twittered about the very expensive whiskey I was sipping? Here's what it looked like:
Doesn't it look extra fancy? No? I know. Shouldn't it have gold flakes in it for that price? Oh, but then it would be Goldschlager and only 16-year-olds would drink it. For the record, the right glass is the $1000 per bottle whiskey and the left is the cheap $750 bottle. Bitches, that's how I roll.


  1. I totally forgot about 90210. But I kind of felt like I saw it from Twitter.

  2. Oh, 90210! Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez! Erin Silver! (but would they REALLY be the same age?)

    I didn't watch the whole thing, but I LOVED what I saw.

  3. my sister took her father in law on the nyc subway once and he ate a whole roasted chicken too!!! she said she almost died. and then he OFFERED some to the person sitting next to him. and then she did, actually, die.