Thursday, September 11, 2008

things I should be doing and blogging isn't on the list

Jparks and I leave for Ireland on Tuesday. Yay! But also, crap! I looked at the forecast for Ireland about two weeks ago and haven't looked since then. I'm expecting cool temps and rain, but how cool? Don't know. And how rainy? Uh, some. Yeah, I'm on the ball. I haven't even started packing and jparks doesn't even have something to pack. As in, he has no piece of luggage because the duffel bag he likes to travel with broke. No way can we pack for a two week vacation with one piece of luggage between the two of us. Where would my shoes go?

When we return from Ireland we will be heading directly from the airport to a wedding in San Francisco. I almost feel bad for saying we would go to this wedding, because the jet lag? It will not be pretty. But it's good friends getting hitched and other good friends will be guests and we are honestly really excited to celebrate with these amazing people. But again, the jet lag might make us crazy. I was also supposed to book us a hotel room so we don't have to drive home that night, but I haven't yet. Because why take care of it when we first got the invite when taking care of it at the last minute is so much fun.

A more puzzling situation than booking the hotel room is how will we get our wedding clothes? I'm not traveling with jparks' suit and my fancy dress and heels, so do I fedex them to the hotel? Do I leave them in our car? Ugh, but then we have to pay for long term parking. I am incapable of figuring this out. Seriously, I've been thinking about that problem for over a month now and the solution is still not clear. Maybe jparks and I should just head over to Union Square and buy new clothes before the wedding. Now if I can only guarantee that Banana Republic will have outfits for both of us, in our sizes and lengths, that look good together but are not too matchy-matchy, along with accessories and shoes. What are my chances of this all falling into place?

And I'm still not really sleeping. Bring on the frying pans.


  1. My packing planning consists of making sure all of my clothes are clean (or at least enough of them) the night before I leave. Then I can just put what I need in a suitcase and I'm done. It's worked pretty well for me so far...

    Your other option is to try and convince a friend to pick you up, drive you to SF, and bring your clothes for the wedding. Depending on the day and time, I can do it. It just can't conflict with a home football game in Berkeley. Other than that, I should be available. (Oh wait, I have a hair appt at 3pm in Los Gatos on the 20th, too.) Let me know.

  2. Do you have a friend who can drop your clothes off at the hotel and leave at the bell stand? Otherwise, I'd go with the car thing. Because I would never be able to find something that fits right the day of because I have the worst luck.

    I'm so jealous of your trip! And also, I'd imagine the jet lag won't hit you until the day after.

  3. i'm tired just thinking about your jet lag...but...not feeling TOO bad for you...because, um, IRELAND! awesome!