Thursday, September 18, 2008

vacation pictures! because they are so interesting!

you might have already read most of this post. When I opened my blog this morning something was up with it. This post had disappeared and when I finally found it, the last half was missing. I blame the weird Irish internet.

I’m sorry to report that my plan failed. Big Fail Whale, in fact. (I saw a guy wearing a Fail Whale shirt today and wanted to introduce myself to him. An Irish Fail Whale! So exciting!) I did sleep on the plane, but jparks did not. When we got to the hotel at 9:30am, we immediately went to the room and jparks decided to nap. I stayed up for awhile reading, but then finally caved in. I set an alarm to go off an hour later, but it didn’t work. We slept for 8 hours. So yeah, that first day here, not much happened. We did wake up in time to get dinner and drinks from a real Irish Pub. I had cider and ended up a bit tipsy, but since tipsy was my only goal for this trip, it’s safe to say I had a good time.

Today jparks and I woke up at 3am (fucking jet lag) and after trying to go back to sleep unsuccessfully, we watched tv until 5. After a quick run (running on vacation, I am so awesome) we headed out for the day. First we hit St. Stephens Green where I found the Oscar Wilde memorial and took a dorky picture:

After that we went to the Dublin Google office and I gorged on European chocolate bars. All I’m going to say is that the Dublin mini-kitchens kick the Mountain View mini-kitchens asses. And that we are dorks for visiting Google while on vacation:
google in dublin

After that we did some other stuff (that I can’t currently think of because I’m tired. And have been drinking) and then met the rest of our tour group for a dinner. I was a bit nervous about this because really, what kind of people go on Disney tours (I mean besides jparks and I), but the people at our table were nice. Older than us by about 20 years, but still nice. One of the guys owns a pickle company in New York and I was so excited by this that I proclaimed “I love pickles!” I’m hoping to have a pickle hook up by the end of this trip.

And that’s all I’ve got for now because I’m tried. And maybe my buzz is dying. And the jet lag is still kicking my ass a tiny bit.

If you care, there’s more pictures over here (although not many because uploading takes forever on our wifi here) and more being uploaded shortly.


  1. WAIT, you JUST LEFT. And, you're already back?!?

  2. Kudos on the running while on vacation!
    Also you are tres geeky! Visiting Google while away! Did Jason's proximity badge work? How did you get in? I told Adam all about the much better Dublin mini kitchens. (it could be a great way to convince him I NEED to go to Ireland!)
    Anyhow I am still jealous that you are in Ireland and I am not.
    Also Lily is alive and kickin', she's dicovered the joys of a baby and a baby's food, okay the joys of the baby who doesn't have the best pincher grasp and drops a lot of Cheerios. Hmm is it okay that Lily eat Cheerios?

  3. Geeky or not, I hope you stocked up on good chocolate bars for your treks around the non-Google parts of Ireland :-) Adam and I went to the Sydney Google office while we were in Australia. We had lunch there, raided the mini kitchens, and Adam picked up a Google t-shirt with a design of a pie floater on it.

    Glad you are having fun. Have lots of pints for me, since I can't have more than a half.