Monday, October 6, 2008


  • I started the 30 Day Shred yesterday. I can run all day long and I pay a trainer to kick my ass in the gym weekly, but some dumb workout dvd beat me up. I was going to get up this morning and do the dvd again, but I really couldn't. I'm sorry Jillian Michaels, I am weak.

  • Is anyone besides me still watching Desperate Housewives? The kid playing 16 year old Porter Scavo was wearing a really deep v-neck shirt this week and it was creeping me out. Plus his hair is just not right.

  • I tried to make jparks go see Beverly Hills Chihuahua but it was overrun with children. (take a moment and judge me for wanting to see a movie about talking dogs. Go ahead, I know you want to) We ended up seeing Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. It was really good, but I bet the talking chihuahuas would have been better. Seriously, I bet the chihuahuas are Oscar material.

  • Speaking of Nick and Norah, I want to learn how to do my eyeliner exactly like Norah has hers during the movie. Is it weird to find a picture, print it out, and take it to Sephora to get someone there to help me?

  • Tonight I cut up corn tortillas and tried to fry them into chips. This did not even come close to working, the chips never got crisp and ended up being really oily. Does anyone have frying suggestions?

  • When I went for my run this weekend the sky was threatening to let loose with rain. I was a bit unnerved by this because I never considered that it might rain during my marathon. Uh, crap.

  • I thought the doughnut burger was the greatest culinary invention ever. I now see that I was wrong. Introducing the bacon cinnamon roll. OMG NOM NOM NOM Who wants to come over for brunch? Somewhere jparks is reading this and vomiting into his mouth.

  • After we eat the bacon cinnamon rolls we'll have a big group session of the Shred. And then we'll all be puking. Good times.

    1. you're brave to fry stuff, I'm scared! I am reminded of an Alton Brown moment though, where he talked about oil and water. The oil needs to be hot enough so that it evaporates the water in the thing you're frying so that the water is going out and no oil goes in. Then you have to remove said fried thing before it overcooks so that it doesn't get oily, since when all of the water is gone there is no pressure to prevent the oil to go in. And all of this has to be done at the temperature that water boils at or higher to create this effect.
      I think he explained this when he was making fish and chips and in a whole family sized meal there was only a teaspoon of oil missing from the fryer, showing that only one teaspoon of oil was soaked up into the food. Pretty neat!
      yet another reason why I have a giant crush on Mr. Alton Brown.

    2. You should make mini-cinnabacons and stick toothpicks in them and serve/eat them like that to make it seem more high class.

      Or just lick your fingers when you're finished.

    3. I, too, love Alton Brown! My kids also love "Good Eats." Food + science...

      The bacon cinnamon rolls look fabulous! I love bacon plus sweet and have made bacon toffee in the past (too bad I was the only person in my family that would eat it!).

      I added "30 Day Shred" to my amazon cart earlier but I haven't check out yet (that plus one book and I'm only up to 21.16! Must reach $25.00 for super saver shipping!)