Tuesday, October 7, 2008

home is where I'll be

Since jparks and I have returned from vacation I've been feeling like very much the homebody. And should I feel like interacting with others, my limit is one other couple if the hanging out is occurring outside of my house, and two other couples should the hanging out occur inside my house. Also, apparently I have lost my mind and become very rule focused.

Being a homebody is so not me and I thought it would it would fade away after a week or so, but it looks like I was wrong. I'm trying to blame it on the fact that my tivos (which didn't need to be replaced, so suck it jparks!) are both overflowing with recorded goodness and why should I go out when I can stay home and indulge in episodes of Gossip Girl, Top Gear, and every reality show on Bravo?

(Can we stop for a second and talk about Bravo's reality programming? Seriously, if they make a show out of it, I'll watch. First it's fashion designers, then hair stylists, next thing you know I'm not able to pull myself away because they are making someone a supermodel and I have to find out who it will be. Also, Step It Up and Dance with Jessie Spano? Dear god Bravo, please learn how to say no to the people that pitch you show ideas. I still can't believe I spent time watching that show and my brain is still able to function afterward. Also, Tabatha, I love you.)

This homebody thing has even got me thinking about Halloween, which I'm normally planning for as soon as the decorations and bags o'candy hit my local Target (read as: July), but this year instead of thinking of a costume, I'm thinking of an excuse to stay home. Right now my leading excuse is that we have no party to go to, so why bother with a costume? Also, trying to convince jparks to put on a costume is stupid hard. (last year he dressed up like email and I had to beg him to do that much)

Maybe I'm suffering from vacation hangover. Maybe I'm getting sick. Maybe it's because I haven't bought a pair of shoes since getting home. Maybe I've been obsessing about the economy and the presidential race and I don't have the energy left to leave my house. Or maybe I'm just going through a phase that will hopefully pass soon. Please, could it pass soon?


  1. Top Gear is the reason television was invented. If I grow up, I think I would like to be James May. Mainly so I can laugh at Clarkson when he loses both doors and then say things like "it's THREE HUNDRED POUNDS, you half wit."

  2. My mom got me HOOKED on Project Runway, and now I am enjoying Tabatha. It IS crazy! But, my real comment, is WOW, you do a lot of stuff. How Regan?? How are you so motivated? You need to move back here and motivate my butt! Or, help Troy find a job out there and you can stay!