Thursday, October 30, 2008

thursday. finally.

My thoughts this week have been exactly the same everyday "Crap, it's only Monday? But it feels like Wednesday. Stupid slow week." Rinse and repeat on Tuesday and then on Wednesday insert Friday for what day it feels like. And then today it dawned on me that it's Thursday and OMG, this week might finally be closing.

I'm having trouble now that the marathon is over making myself go run. The alarm goes off at 6am and I turn it off and then head right back to bed. So not only am I not running, but I'm also sleeping until 8:30. And that means I don't get to work until 10. Thankfully my bosses don't seem to mind when I come in, so long as I tack the missing hours onto the end of the day. But there are no words to explain how much I hate working until 6pm. LIKE SOME MUCH. ACK, FUCKING HATE! But apparently I don't hate it enough to drag my ass out of bed in the morning. Such is the way of me.

Today I had a Brownie meeting and I went to it dressed like this:
The girls asked me if I was dressing like an adult for Halloween and if I knew that Halloween is tomorrow, not today. Perhaps it's time to start wearing makeup to our meetings more often.

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  1. Cute outfit! Like the shoes, the top, the whole thing works nicely :-)