Monday, November 10, 2008

and still I love him

"You know I only said 'Ohh Pottery Barn!' was because I thought they would have a sugar bowl for my tea. I really need a sugar bowl"

Tonight I went and bought him a sugar and cream set and when I gave it to him this came out of his mouth:

"Now I can have a tea party!"

Yet he still maintains that he's not gay.

So, who wants to come to jparks' tea party? RSVP now so he knows how many finger sandwiches to order.


  1. OMG that's funny.
    Tell Jason that Adam and I would go to his tea party, but Regan, could you make the sandwiches, not Jason??

  2. Being a total tea snob myself (kinda like most folks are with their coffee) I'm always up for a tea party! Can we wear pretty dresses and act like princesses? And, um, I agree about the sugar bowl. I've always considered having a sugar bowl a grown-up thing. Actually, I think you were with me when I bought my (third) set at Sur La Table, the fancy Italian one. If he wants to get really particular about his tea he can stock his sugar bowl with sugar cubes so each cup of tea will get exactly the right amount of sugar. Hey, I did start this comment admitting that I was a tea snob!

  3. I'd totally come to his tea party. And if he doesn't have scones and clotted cream, I can bring them. Or at least the clotted cream. Because really, the main reason to have a tea party is for the clotted cream.

  4. I'll only come if there are those little cucumber sandwiches. And clotted cream. A tea part isn't a tea party without clotted cream.

  5. Ohh I know the bestest recipie for cucumber sandwhiches... and I've never had clotted cream... perhaps a jparks tea party would be the perfectest time... So I'll be back Dec 9... shall we plan it for after then?

  6. Scones with jam and clotted cream? Definitely!

    And presumably jparks will have some lovely, masculine teas for us to enjoy such as Earl Grey.

    But if there are sugar cubes without sugar tongs, I expect jparks would throw a proper little tantrum--it just isn't good enough if you lack the correct accoutrements...

  7. I will totally come to the tea party...... will there be little china cups?