Friday, November 21, 2008

a friday post, not in bullet form

While everyone else in the whole wide world is seeing Twilight this evening, I'll be at a Warriors basketball game for work. And it's not even like I get to enjoy the game. No, I just get to battle rush hour, Bay Area traffic to be at the Oracle Arena for 2 hours, get back in my car, and battle the stupid traffic back home. And it's not like I live anywhere close to the arena either, so I have every right to be whiny right now. Just like the tween girl that I am. Oh Edward, I love you so! The way you sparkle! The way your eyes shine like amber stones! I could murmur bad teenage poetry into you ear all night long and then we'll break a bed as the sun rises!

The highlight of my day has been this:

I filled up my car for $24.50! With the super special 91 octane gas even! $24.50! When the handle stopped pumping and I saw the dollar amount, I did a little happy jump. And this wasn't even at some scary gas place where the gas is diluted with water, this was at a Shell! After paying $4.99 per gallon, this nearly brought me to tears.

Happy Twilight Day Friday!


  1. EDWARD!

    It's called the Oracle Arena now? Also, that commute to Oakland on 880 IS THE WORST IN THE WHOLE WORLD! I'm convinced. It made me want to cry for you.