Sunday, November 9, 2008

holiday planning

I think jparks and I are finally accepting the fact that we will not be able to fly home to NOLA for Christmas. I had pretty much given the dream up when we returned from Ireland and the economy took a sudden hit, but jparks was still holding out. When my grandfather passed away that was the final nail in the coffin. (what, I thought it was funny. Also, I am sick) We spent so much money flying home for the funeral that there was really no chance we would be able to afford to make the trip again, two months later. Also, I'm currently negative 34 hours into my vacation time at work. As in, I won't be seeing an hour of vacation for months. I check that line of my paycheck every payday and watching the number slowly creep back to zero is killing me.

But the good news is that since we won't be out of town I can get a Christmas tree. Like a real one, not a pink one that makes jparks rant about how I should remember that a man lives in the house too. I'm also putting twinkle lights on my porch. And possibly reindeer horns on Lily.

Of course, since we usually go out of town for the holidays, I have no ornaments or twinkle lights. So today I went to Target to check out my options and, OMG, my options are endless. I'm not going to go inflatable decoration levels of crazy, but I am going to buy the fancy led twinkle lights. And I'm going to attempt to make some of my own ornaments, complete with crazy levels of glitter and sparkly adornments.

Because nothing fills the void of not seeing your family at the holidays like led lights and glitter. Also, I think all of the mulled wine I plan on drinking is going to help too.

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  1. Hey, we'll be in town for Christmas this year instead of Thanksgiving (in AL, ugh), so if you want to hang out or have a place to go to, you're always welcome to join us (for either Christmas day or Christmas Eve or both). Or you know, whatever. I'm sure you'll get lots of invites, but here's another to add to your collection. =)

    My MIL gave us one of her extra fake trees since she has decided that one is really enough in her house nowadays. At first I was all, "greeeaaat" (because I am a real tree snob), but now I'm thankful because the tree is skinny and it actually fits in our wee little living room. But maybe this year we'll get a real tree because, hello, snob.