Friday, November 7, 2008

keeping the economy afloat

Tonight jparks and I had a date night. For us this meant we went to dinner and then shopping for a jacket for him. If you're asking yourself how we manage to keep the romance alive in our marriage, here's a few hints: Banana Republic and J.Crew. Aw yeah, the couple that shops together, bow chicka wah wah. Kidding. We really just shopped, came home, and watched tv. See, exciting.

Anyway. We went to the mall so we could maybe, hopefully, please god, find jparks a new blazer/sportcoat type thing in black. When we drove into the parking lot he saw the two story Pottery Barn and declared, with much elation, "Ohhhhh, Pottery Barn!" I called him gay and got in trouble. I've since been corrected (by him) and was told he's metrosexual and I'm not to call him gay anymore. Gaw, gay guys are so sensitive.

We found him a coat at Banana Republic and then headed to J.Crew where all the sale items are currently an additional 50% off. That's like free. So I did the one thing I hate to do while shopping and tried on some clothes. Normally I'm the person that will buy one pair of pants in two sizes, take both home, try them on at my leisure, and return whatever pair doesn't fit. But when J.Crew does it's big clearance type sales, they don't accept returns so I'm left with no choice.

Here's me after trying on four pairs of pants:
I was sweaty, red faced, hair a mess, and really pissed off. After seeing this picture, do you have any idea why jparks wouldn't want to have sex with me, because I have no idea.

The effort of trying on things was worth it because I ended up getting a pair of pants and a dress for the low low price of $34. Total. That, my friends, is a bargain that I couldn't pass up. Which totally makes up for jparks' crazy expensive jacket. Gaw, gay guys are so snobby about clothing. Only the best, most expensive things will do.


  1. I just scored a pair of yellow Juliet Pumps for $40. Fuck not shopping- exceptions have to be made.

  2. I might just have to go to J Crew....

  3. I was to see this crazy expensive jacket of Jparks'.