Saturday, November 15, 2008

maybe I'm not "camera friendly"

Earlier today I mention to jparks that something reminded me of "I'm crazy pickle arm! I've got a pickle for my arm! Now give me some candy!" and he looked at me like I was nuts. "You know, Adam Sandler's crazy pickle arm Halloween costume?" Nothing.

Turns out jparks had a life or something during the 90's and didn't watch Saturday Night Live. He has never heard of most of my favorite sketches and seriously, HOW?!!?. When I mentioned living in a van down by the river, no response. How does anyone over the age of 25 not know who Matt Foley is? I didn't ask if he knows who Philip the Hyper Hypo or Simon are because I don't want to know the answer.

I really think his ignorance of SNL in the 90's might be grounds for divorce. So, to avoid that, let's educate him:

You can find more over here, but unfortunately not Crazy Pickle Arm. Bonus points to anyone that can find it online for me.


  1. OK, I admit to not knowing the crazy pickle arm one, but I know the others.

    In fact, we used to frequently yell, loudly I might add, "CALLATE SU GRANDE YAPPER!" all the time at work when I lived in Cali.

  2. I have a photo of myself and a college friend in the dining hall, both doing "crazy fork-head, " obviously based on "crazy spoon-head."

  3. Regan...I know exactly what you wife suffers from the same affliction. The lack of SNL pop culture has certainly reared it ugly head in our relationship as well. That is definitely one place where our age difference is evident. I even go back a little further than just the SNL references from the 90' about 80's favorites like "Caveman Lawyer" and "Hanukkah Harry?" Man I miss those days.