Tuesday, November 4, 2008

my passive aggressive political post

Chances are that by the time you read this post, if you haven't voted yet, then you aren't going to vote. I'm sorry that you missed a chance to be part of history, because no matter who you voted for, it was historic.

I know I haven't been really open about my political beliefs on this little blog o'mine, but I honestly get a knot in my stomach whenever I think about mentioning them. I come from a family of Republicans. Republicans who are not afraid to tell you all about how the Democrats are wrong and that frankly you are dumb for being one. I know that lots of other bloggers have the same family dynamics and they don't allow that to stop them from being openly political but me, I'm passive aggressive. I'm a lover, not a fighter.

I know I can't change my family's mind anymore than they could change mine. So rather than fighting pointless political battles with them, I just don't mention my political beliefs. They try to egg me on (This happened quite a bit at my grandfather's funeral last month. I'm sure it was 90% unintentional and harmless) and I let the accusations roll off my back. To me the debating, fighting, and guaranteed stomachache is just not worth it.

I apply this same tactic to my friends, which is what I consider anyone that reads my blog. I know you may not like my candidate, but you're an intelligent and informed adult and hopefully you made your choice on facts and not politic propaganda. I assume you've read up on your candidate's policies and plans and have honestly made the best, most informed decision for you. I do not wish to try and change your mind, because you will not be able to change mine.

But with that all being said, if you think yes on prop 8 is a good idea I will debate with you. I'll debate it in a fun, let's not get angry and resort to name calling, sort of way. I will do this only because I feel that the supporters of prop 8 have been misleading about their cause. I won't fight with you, but I will make sure you really understand what a yes on prop 8 means. In the end, if you still feel like voting yes on it, then that's your decision and I'll respect that. And I hope you could still respect me and my opinion.

And for the record, I voted and almost cried. I stood in my little voting cube, pen in hand, taking deep breaths to steady myself. I feel like I've been holding my breath all day, waiting for the results to start pouring in. Now that that's happening I'm a whirlwind of emotions and can't wait to have this day behind me.

America, please don't let me down.


  1. I voted no on Prop 8 because discrimination of any kind, makes me sick and and makes me want to cry.

  2. I hope that everyone who could vote did, 'cause I cannot and I care. It's not fair!

  3. Thanks for letting us trash yr place.

    Man on the moon, bitches. Man. On. The. Moon.

  4. Hey Regan -
    So I must know, did you have a party or not?