Tuesday, November 11, 2008

not to point fingers or anything

Did you guys hear that really loud explosion earlier today? It was my head spontaneously combusting over the fact that my blog was broken and I didn't have the knowledge to fix it. A friend sent me a quick explanation of what could be wrong, but all I was capable of doing was forwarding the email to jparks with a note that said "PLEASE HELP ME!"

See, jparks and I have been going back and forth for a couple of months now about moving me from wordpress to blogger. The fight usually goes like this:

jparks: "Wordpress sucks my balls! I'm moving you to blogger!"
me: "Suck your own balls! I'm not moving to blogger!"
jparks: "Fine, then I'm not helping you with your blog anymore. Deal with it yourself!"
me: "Sounds better than moving to blogger!"

(we are mature)

But then something goes wrong, like my blog going AWOL, and I have to beg him to help me. You might have noticed that I recently uploaded a new template and somethings haven't worked since then. Like links to other blogs or the list of books I've read recently (both highly exciting I tell you). They don't work because I have no idea how to fix them. Also, the font on the site is tiny and makes my head hurt but I have to suck it up because my husband is cruel and will not fix it for me.

Jparks recently moved his blog over to blogger and won't shut up about how much easier the upkeep is. I've recently purchased a crapload of new domains and jparks created them on the blogger platform (which I didn't realize he was doing when I bought them. sneaky bastard) but I'm holding out for Formation of Me. Wordpress might not be the best platform out there, but it works for me, so why change? Moving to blogger is not a change I can believe in.

And until I hire someone to do the behind the scenes work for me, the font will be tiny and you'll have no idea what blogs I read. I know this leaves you feeling empty inside and for that I blame jparks, the wordpress intolerant bastard.


  1. The only way I will write on WordPress is when people pay me. Seriously. Blogger is so damn easy. I never stop hearing people bitch about updating WP.

  2. i may be able to help you out. If you want to give me admin access i can see what's wrong and hopefully help fix it. email me

  3. Wordpressers Unite :) I'm on wordpress as well currently, However I'm working on my own blog engine for a specific site that I'm working on SquirrellyNuts.net. If you're having troubles with your wordpress I'll be happy to help you with the 2 minutes of free time I have each month.

  4. Moveable Type. Old version. Brother-in-law's server. All good like Inglewood.

  5. I love Wordpress. And I hate Blogger's comments. How stupid is their commenting system? I hate it.

    Slynnro doesn't know what she's talking about because she's still on the free hosting side of things. Once you want your own domain, no one helps you!

    That's why I make friends who know how to write code. And also why I will have the same theme until the end of time.