Thursday, November 6, 2008

out the door

Besides cleaning out clothes I'm also trying to give the house a general cleaning out too. I know that somewhere jparks' head is exploding because I love nothing more than holding onto crap but, baby, times are changing! I'm moving crap out! But don't help!

And since I love to hold onto to crap I've motivated myself with a list. It's 250 lines long and when I fill it I'm buying myself a treat. I'm thinking some Louboutins, you know because clearing 250 things out of your house totally deserves a $900 pair of shoes.

Out the Door

And yeah, number two on the list says stripper heels. Because I think it's safe to say that my sensual dancing days are over.

Also, those four things might have already been replaced with other things. Mainly a box that came in from the Gap yesterday. If I buy things and decide to return them, can I put them on the list?


  1. great idea, I had a similar list, it was hard, but i did it. Also each shoe counts as one item, don't cha think?
    Also such pretty shoes, I covet.

  2. #1. does it say pants? what do you have against pants?

  3. Hmm, I'm thinking the Louboutins are worth getting rid of 250 things! Now I'm wondering if I've got $900 worth of stuff that I could Ebay and raise the funds for some fancy shoes for myself. Although, I think if I actually tried to walk in 5 inch heels I'd fall flat on my face.