Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Tonight I made this for dinner. It was really good, but now I have a block of Velveeta cheese left. Does anyone have another good recipe that uses a hell of a lot of Velveeta?

Can anyone explain to me why it is that I run and try my best to practice portion control and I can't lose weight, yet jparks does the wii fit for 10 to 20 minutes a day and manages to lose weight at a steady rate?

Why is it hot in the Bay Area in November? I have sweaters I need to wear, dammit.

I need a pedicure, but running has turned some of my toenails black (not all black, just a black spot) ((also, toenails, barf)). Do I need to continue to wait for the pedicure because if I go now the little asian ladies will talk about me in asian whispers? Or can I just go and get the damn pedicure?

Why is it that everything I wanted to buy jparks for Christmas he has bought for himself, or been given as a gift, this week?

Why is my face breaking out like I'm 14 all over again? Was I not punished enough my first run through puberty? Do I really need to go through it again?

I have no reason to wear a fancy dress this holiday season. Anyone want to take me out so I can get dressed up? I promise to wear cute shoes and I'm an excellent date for company holiday parties.

Does anyone have a favorite rum ball recipe? mmm, rum balls.


  1. Can we take each other out? I want a fancy dress, too, but neither of us have holiday parties.

  2. I made cheeseburger soup the other day and it uses Velveeta. Let me know if you need the recipe. I also just melted the leftover Velveeta from the recipe in the microwave mixed with some taco sauce and made nachos.

    Also, boys always lose weight so fast without even trying. Stoopid boys!

    Get the pedicure!

  3. My mom makes really good rum balls. I'll ask her for the recipe and get back to you. Maybe you should throw a holiday party at your house and insist your guests wear cocktail dresses.

  4. Just make a really big bowl of macaroni and cheese. And then invite me over.

  5. Go get the pedicure. My trainer tells me that my bruised toenails are from running too fast. Whatever that means. And they will talk about your toes regardless....