Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving eve

While the rest of the world is saving their energy to cook tomorrow, tonight I've been kicking some serious kitchen ass. I made jparks and I dinner (smokey miso tofu that he was meh about) and a strawberry cake for dessert. Then, because my first Christmas present finally arrived (a pink food processor) I made cranberry scones. I'm honestly not sure what I love more right now, the scones or the food processor. How the hell have I lived without either for so long?

Tomorrow morning I have my turkey trot. This might make me a dork, but I've always wanted to run a turkey trot. Is it any different than a regular race? No, but the name is fun. Turkey Trot! And after running it I qualify for a second piece of pie. Win-win!

And so long as we are moving in 20 different directions during this post, here's a picture of me modeling a pie I made last night.


  1. OMG! The 12 cup! I only have the teeny one! The teeny one that is only good for making dip or aioli.

  2. omg, I must have that pink food processor. And the blender. Although I should probably work on getting a kitchen first.

    Have fun trotting!

  3. I still don't understand how jparks didn't like chocolate pie. What is not to like?