Monday, November 24, 2008

yay for overpriced stuff!

It's time for another round of Things I Am Too Old To Own, But Kinda Want Anyway, subtitled: Really Pottery Barn Teen, That's For Teens?

First up are some wall panels that I want for my bedroom:
Picture 11

And I'll also take these pictures:
Picture 6

I love this quilt and really wouldn't complain if Pottery Barn wanted to send me the whole room for free. Including the trophies. I never got trophies as a kid:
Picture 10

It's a shame this lamp is only available in the red stripes, because it would be really cute in blue or green:
Picture 12

I'm a sucker for anything they make in their shade of green, including this lamp:
Picture 13

My kitchen is painted green and I have pink accents with the pink mixer, pink utensils crock, and pink toaster. What I don't have is a pink coffeepot:
Picture 14

Um, really? A plasma tv built into the footboard? My guess is that the teen that has this room was also on My Super Sweet 16.
Picture 15

This bed is so sickly sweet it makes me want to vomit, but in a good way:
Picture 16

The name of this just kills me. "The Mega Furlicious Beanbag" I think it should be called "My Daddy killed a yeti and made me a beanbag cover from it! OMG, right?!? teehee!"
Picture 17


  1. Okay. I want that pink coffee pot SO BAD I can taste it. But, the thing is, I fear that one day, I'll get married and he'll not want to deal with all my pink appliances (um, I have a FEW).

    I should just get the damn coffeepot and tell my future husband if he doesn't like he can make his own damn coffee.

    Thank you for solving this for me.

  2. That canopy bed is freakin awesome!! If I had a little girl I would totally get it for her...

  3. I always want the PB Teen shit.

  4. Regan you should apply to be a buyer for PB Teen, you'd have a blast :)

  5. That is not teen shit. That is cute shit! Who cares who it is "meant" for.

    Also, teens SHOULD NOT be drinking coffee.