Tuesday, December 23, 2008

missing in action: my holiday cards

It is Christmas Eve's Eve and I haven't mailed out any holiday cards. Okay, that's a lie, I mailed out four cards, so those four people should be grateful to receive such a rare and amazing gift. You are so very welcome.

I really had the best intentions of getting cards in the mail early this year. I bought a couple of nice boxes from Paper Source and even rounded up all the addresses I thought I would need. I didn't go so far as to buy stamps, but I did look at some on usps.com, so that counts for something. But then something happened, I don't know what, but my plan to mail the cards fell apart. In fact, right now I don't have a clue where the boxes of cards are hiding. I'm sure they'll turn up on the 26th and I'll have to talk myself out of mailing them then.

By not sending many cards this year, have I gotten myself bumped from my friend's card list for next year? Will I have a year of no cards, where I have to atone for my no holiday card sins from this year? Will I not get any cards until I send a card first? I'm honestly worried about this because I love getting holiday cards. I promise, next year I'll be on the ball! I'll mail the cards the day I buy them! I will not slack!

In other "I'm stupid" news, I'm going to the mall tomorrow. The stores open at 8am and I'm going to try to get there as close to that time as possible. In and out, that's my goal. Stop laughing. Really, it can be done. Just you watch.


  1. I send out 140 cards and believe me, I DO NOT get 140 in return. So I'm sure, unless you know a lot of petty people, you'll still be on the list next year.

    I have to go shopping today too. For my brother. Which is awesome since my car is currently stuck in all the ice and snow. "Merry Christmas brother, I got you a snowball."

  2. All I have to say is: internet. The sales have already started online (I have spent all afternoon and evening drooling over things I will never have), and if you go to retailmenot.com you can almost always find a code to either eliminate your shipping charge or offer you some percentage off that comes close to the shipping charge. In any case... you are a brave, brave woman.

  3. we haven't mailed our holiday cards for almost the same reason - no stamps. But I figure it's a holiday season so we still have some time. But we will always send u guys a card - when we get around to sending cards.

  4. ack! I have a card for you! I forgot to give it to you, but I will still send it, and give you one next year...

  5. I pretty much failed on the holiday cards too. I have a box of 100 postcards, and i used what was left of my postcard stamps from last year and then I never bought more. I think I might be really tacky and just use them next year.