Thursday, January 1, 2009

back on the grid

Now that Christmas and New Year's Eve are things of the past, it's time I dig myself out of my hole and join the world again. And while I have enjoyed not working since the 23rd, it's probably just the right time for me to drag my ass back to the office because I'm working my way through my Netflix queue a bit too quickly. (Also, Netflix on TiVo? AWESOME. While most of the newest dvds aren't available yet, lots of tv on dvd is. I made it through the first two seasons of Weeds in less than two days.)

This holiday season the theme for our gifts to ourselves was: Upgrade! We upgraded our refrigerator to one that's 28 cubic feet big. I could hide a body in the pull out freezer, so you might want to think twice about pissing me off from now on. We also upgraded our bed to a king sized Tempur-Pedic, which holy hell, is huge. Jparks can sleep at an angle (which he's being doing lately, forcing me to sleep on the smallest sliver of bed you can imagine) and I can still spread out to whatever position is comfortable for me. And the two cats and the dog can get in bed with us and not make me feel like I'm drowning in a sea of furry bodies. Oh king sized bed, why did I resist you for so long?

Last night, in keeping with tradition, jparks and I went to a friends house to play wii and ring in the new year. This year, instead of Guitar Hero, we partied hard with pinball and I am now hopelessly addicted to it. We ate pizza and watched a very pregnant lady almost induce labor by playing with champagne poppers. Good times were had by all.

Today I have spent the day on my couch, watching bad movies (Just My Luck and Dude, Where's My Car. Shut up, I was comfy and the remote wasn't within reach). An internet friend pointed out that there is a superstition that says whatever you do on New Year's Day is what you'll do for the rest of the year. So cheers to 2009, which I am dubbing the Year of the Incredibly Bad Movie. Or maybe it'll be the Year of Incredible Laziness. Either way, happy 2009 everyone!


  1. I need to get my Netflix on my DVR, too, because mother of gawd, TV has been gone for a month and I'm going crazy!! (Though oddly enough, I haven't made it through season 2 of Mad Men, but that's probably because I'm more inclined to watch it on our huge projector screen than on my tiny Macbook, where it's dowloaded to.)

    Welcome back!

  2. King-size beds have to remain a vacation luxury for us -- our bedroom is odd-shaped and it just wouldn't work. I'm jealous of your present :)

    I ran a casual race (no times) this morning, followed by mimosas at our local running shop then on to a great brunch. After coming home we watched The Simpsons on DVD and ordered Chinese food. Sounds like 2009 will be a good year!

  3. If I ever get married, we're getting a king bed. I have a queen right now and it's the perfect size for me, since I'm a giant.

    That superstition explains a lot. Clearly it is why I'm lazy EVERY YEAR.

  4. Shit. I watched Nanny 911 and laid on my couch all day, whining.

  5. I spent a very lazy day in bed with a boy, which if that's the rest of my year, it sounds pretty good. ;)