Friday, January 2, 2009

nothing says kiss me like peeling lips

I've picked up a nasty little habit recently, something that I want to stop, but for some reason I just can't. I've become a full fledged lip chewer. I'm now the girl that can't wear lipstick because it only highlights the strips of skin peeling off her lips. (Not that I actually wear lipstick, I'm more of a gloss kind of girl)

The chewing started when it turned cold and my lips got chapped. From there it was a slippery slope of lip licking to chewing and dear god, I'm disgusting myself right now. I've really got to stop the chewing because my lips now hurt, in a "jparks, please don't kiss me" sort of way. I've found that wearing chapsticks or glosses don't stop me from gnawing, especially if they have any sort of flavor. Because apparently I am 9 years old again and mmmm, my lip smacker tastes like Dr. Pepper! nom nom nom my lips are good eats!

I think to break the habit I need to start with the original problem, the chapped lips. I've never used an exfoliating lip scrub before but desperate times call for desperate measures. Sephora sells one, of course, but I'm sure it's something I can make myself for a bit less than $15. From there I need a completely unflavored chapstick that actually works. Perhaps boring old ChapStick in the black tube, which I haven't bought in ages because it is so boring.

I guess stopping this habit will be the closet thing to a resolution I'm making this year. Not that I have anything against resolutions, it's just that I'm lazy. Yearly I set goals and then I don't meet them, leaving me feeling a bit disappointed in my ability to make a change for the better. So this year, I'm not making a resolution. Or rather, I am but I'm doing it by setting the bar really low. Come on self, you can break this habit that you've had for less than two months! Maybe if I accomplish this resolution, next year I'll work on something bigger. Like getting my eyebrows waxed in a regular, timely fashion. woohoo, 2010 could be a huge year for me and my eyebrows.


  1. I have the same problem!! Medicated Chapstick or that Mentha lipgloss from B&BW always does the trick for me... they burn a little on your raw skin, but it a) teaches you a lesson and b) gets rid of any more flakies so you aren't tempted anymore. I usually only have to apply either a couple times before it stops me from doing any more damage.

    PS - I'm glad you're alive and blogging again, I was beginning to worry.

  2. As someone with chronically dry lips (and the second they become dry and start to flake, I start biting away, so I feel your pain) I have to recommend the plain old Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer stick. No scent, no taste, SPF 15, not waxy in the slightest, super moisturizing, etc. I have pretty big lips, so the flaking and peeling becomes obvious and seriously unattractive QUICKLY. I use Aquaphor at night (just slick on a nice coat) and Neutrogena repeatedly during the day, and it totally does the trick.

  3. 1. Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer SPF 15
    2. When you take a shower, take a clean damp wash cloth and gently rub your lips. Do this towards the end of your shower so your lips are good and moisturized from the shower. This will get rid of the dead skin cells without hurting your lips. Post shower: promptly apply Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer SPF 15. Keep about 5 tubes of the stuff (in your car, in your purse, in your camera bag, in your desk, etc.) and reapply regularly.
    3. Chew gum, it will focus your oral fixation on something other than your lips.
    Good luck!

  4. Aaron is a hideous lip chewer. It is so gross. Kiehl's No. 1 is good, but the best ever is this balm I got at Sephora like 2 years ago that is banana flavored. Of course, they don't seem to make it anymore, so we are holding on to the precious contents on the one container I do have.

  5. i live in canada so it's safe to trust me on this one.
    chapstick medicated. it comes in a light blue tube. it's the ONLY thing that has EVER worked for me.

  6. I do this sometimes too. Thankfully, it forces me to put on some Chapstick and stop the problem. I like Burt's Bees and good old Carmex (they have it like in a Chapstick tube now.)

    Also, I put Vaseline on my lips at night to heal them while I sleep. Works wonders. And keeps the cats away.

  7. My lips would peel a lot and always had red patches on my lips which did NOT look attractive. I have the habit of biting the inside of my cheeks when im nervous, concentrating, or just bored. I noticed that stopping that helped A LOT. It's as if biting my cheeks triggered something, causing my lips to peel. Thought it helped with the peeling, my lips were hard to maintain moisturized, even with chapstick. I purchased Eucarin Aquaphor Healing Ointment at CVS and it WORKS!! It was only like $1-$2 and i LOVE IT! I purchased the ointment and put it on right away and it made such a difference in JUST A COUPLE OF HOURS! I had a huge red patch on my bottom lip from peeling it earlier that day and usually it takes about 4 days or so for it to go away after applying chapstick ALL day and night, but when I put some AQUAPHOR on, the red patch started to diminish a couple of hours later and was practically gone the next day!!!My lips looked NORMAL & SOFT in NO TIME!! I totally recommend this! I was never able to wear cute lipglosses b/c my lips were always so dry and b/c the color would not spread evenly and you'd see chunks of skin on my lips, it was gross. BUT now, I can wear lipgloss or lipstick and it spreads evenly and my lips are kissably soft!!! So do not bite the inside of your cheeks or lips if you do, and do not peel your lips! just put some Aquaphor on an you WILL see a difference! TRUST ME!